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Chapter 1 - Pearl Team

This is my Pearl team

Chapter 1 - Pearl Team

Chapter 1 - Pearl Team
My Pokemon Pearl Team(All Level 100)

Palkia Water Pulse, Ancient Power,Surf, Spacial Rend
Stats:Attack 255,Defense238,Sp. Attack335,Sp.Defense264,Speed 250
Item Lust Orb

Pikachu Thunderbolt,Shock Wave,Charge Beam, Volt Tackle
Stats:Attack 132,Defense 63 Sp..Attack 136,Sp.Defense111,Speed 220
Item None

Lucario Shadow Claw,Force Palm,Psychic,Aura Sphere
Stats:Attack 242,Defense 184,Sp.Attack 233,Sp.Defense 177,Speed 225
Item Zoom Lens

Manaphy Ice Beam,Shadow Ball,Psychic,WaterPusle
Stats;Attack 230,Defense 238,Sp.Attack237,Sp.Defense 199,Speed 250
Item Amulet Coin

Rayquaza Earthquake,Ancient Power,Twister,Crunch
Item None

Luxray Discharge,ThunderFang,Crunch,Bite
Item Magnet

Torterra Crunch,Earthquake,Leaf Storm,Razor Leaf
Item None

Staraptor Tackle,AerialAce,Quick Attack,Fly
Item none

Floatzel Crunch,Rock Tomb,Brine,Aqua Jet
Item None


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