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Chapter 4 - Ostia: City of Books

An exiled princess, a young lord, and a betrayed and orphaned prince. The three ingredients that make SMR the fanfic that it is.

Chapter 4 - Ostia: City of Books

Chapter 4 - Ostia: City of Books
Chapter 4
Ostia: City of Books

About an hour later, Sierra, Marth, and Roy were at the gates of Ostia. The gates were printed with ornate designs of a king reading next to a huge stack of books. “So, Roy,” said Marth, “exactly how long did you stay here before you went traveling?” “Oh, about a month in the library,” said Roy. “What exactly DID you study?” Sierra asked. “Uh…” Roy thought aloud. “You forgot what you studied?!?” Marth cried. “…sort of,” said Roy, blushing slightly.

Suddenly, the gates opened without any guards or royalty awaiting them. Behind those gates was a quaint town, lots of people, with a huge castle with lots of small towers in the distance of about fifteen feet. “So,” sighed Sierra, “we’ll have to create an itinerary on what we’ll be doing and how long we’ll be here.” “I agree,” said Roy, “you and I can look at magic books and other stuff. What will you browse through, Marth?” “Okay,” said Marth, “I’ll probably look at ancient cookbooks, how to make clothes besides tunics and aprons, and the like.”

They instantly ran into the huge castle, which held the biggest library ever imagined. The oak walls were lined with oak bookshelves filled to the brim with all kinds of books from encyclopedias to simple crafts. “Okay, Sierra,” said Roy, “Marth’s in the cooking section. Let’s hit the magics.” Sierra and Roy went to the magic section, picking up at least twenty books that looked interesting. Sierra opened the first book, which was, Different Types of Magic and How to Use Them. Inside, she read the first few paragraphs:

Different Magic:
There are three famous magic powers:
1. Altean
2. Pharaean
3. Jarusian
Each of these powers are easy to learn, if you have the qualifications:

This power does not require deep concentration, but can be used in daily life, such as cooking and cleaning, but can be used in combat as well. Very quick, bluish-purple. This magic is only usable by royalty from the ancient kingdom of Altea.

Pharae is the famous home of this magic. More explosive than Altean or Jarusian, this magic requires deep concentration. Slightly slower, red, orange, and yellow. This magic, unlike Altean, can be mastered by anyone.

Most popular in Jarus and many other places, Jarusian magic is multicolored, depending on what kingdom the caster is from. Requires patience, but not too much concentration, and it’s not too fast, not too slow. Can be learned by anyone.

Sierra and Roy looked at each other. “Roy, did you realize what kingdoms the magic powers are from?” Sierra asked. “Of course!” Roy proclaimed, “The SMR magic is the most popular! We need to get books on all three.” Sierra put the first book back, and plucked six books on Pharaean, Jarusian, and Altean magic from the twenty that they had already picked. “See why I like, no…wait…LOVE this place?” Roy said, grinning.

They found Marth still in the cooking section, and told him what they had found. Marth agreed that he had found enough books, so they went outside for fresh air.

Suddenly, a huge shadow passed over them. It was the countess, riding her dark dragon over Ostia. Her dragon landed on a huge field behind the castle, and Ariella walked towards them. She planted her feet into the dirt road, calmly staring at Roy. “I recognize you,” she said, “from when you rescued my arch-arch-arch-arch-foe!” “Oh yeah,” said Roy, sarcastically, “the one who tried to sabotage my best friend!” The countess paused, then laughed. “Young lords today, trying to rescue princesses like the great knights in stories! I bet Marth recognizes me as the beautiful countess who destroyed his kingdom and everything in it!” “What?” cried Marth, “explain yourself!”

“Well,” said Ariella, “I was bitten by a cave bat around the tunnels going to Altea. Normally, a human would die from the first bite, but I didn’t. The bat infused me with evil magic, and my heart was set on revenge. I had a particular dislike for Altea, and the people in it, so I destroyed it. Completely. You, Marth, are its only survivor.”

Marth just stared at her. Roy instantly unsheathed his sword, which was already surging with a form of magic, without him realizing. “Countess, we could take you on, easily!” Ariella laughed. “Hilarious, Roy! You couldn’t possibly defeat me. I have a kingdom under my control, and I have sovereignty over the evil magic of the world!” Suddenly, she thrust out her hand, palm-upwards. A swirling black nimbus of magic instantly formed. She struck the magic to the ground, creating a smokescreen, then vanished completely. Sierra, Marth, and Roy watched as she rode her dragon upwards and towards another direction.

“Wow,” said Roy, “so much for that disappearing act. I say we leave Ostia and head straight for Pharae. I have a promotion to attend.” Sierra looked at him in shock. “Roy, I thought you didn’t want to be promoted to your father’s position!” “Well, it’s got to happen sometime, right?” said Roy.


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Fan-artluver on December 29, 2005, 12:13:55 AM

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Fan-artluverYou're welcome!

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Anime_Yokai_MckaiThe magic seem to be really useful!