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Her name is Aurelia.
She is the princess of Angel Land, destined to become the Orchid Angel of Peace. She hates sitting around doing nothing, and so she trains in the art of war against her mother's wishes. She's a skilled archer, and is also part of a s
The Fire Continent is covered in snow, and Sierra, Marth, and Roy think that the Water Continent is responsible. Can they get through this escapade? And Ariella's distant cousin? Find out in SMR 2!
This is what happens when Luigi goes on his own Super Mario 64 adventure! ^^
...Heroes of light conquer dreams of darkness...Welcome to Gammarye et Orka, a world of war and peace. Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure! Please read and tell me if I should keep posting chapters!

An exiled princess, a young lord, and a betrayed and orphaned prince. The three ingredients that make SMR the fanfic that it is.
What would happen of two human girls became Shinzo Guardians? Will they save the two worlds: Enterra and Earth? Find out in this multi-episode book chronicling the adventures of Shinzo Fangirls! Contains original characters, and other stuff like that