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Chapter 6 - A Night to Remember...Literally

An exiled princess, a young lord, and a betrayed and orphaned prince. The three ingredients that make SMR the fanfic that it is.

Chapter 6 - A Night to Remember...Literally

Chapter 6 - A Night to Remember...Literally
Chapter 6
A Night to Remember…Literally

The SMR came to a point between Pharae and Dolua to rest. A giant cave on the side of a hill was the perfect place. “Sierra?” Marth said, “how far is Jarus from here?” “About……4 months from now.” Sierra replied.

Once the trio got there, Roy got out the magic books looking at the ones that specialized in Pharaean magic. Sierra noticed. “Whatcha doin, Roy?” “Oh,” Roy said, immediately closing a book. “Just reading, that’s all.” Sierra was slightly confused. “Roy, if you want me to teach you some magic, I can.” Roy turned his head towards Sierra, who was sitting down. “How?” “Simple!” Sierra chimed. “I spent a year on Pharaean magic. It takes some practice, patience, and concentration, but I can teach you.” Roy’s face lit up. “Okay! When do we start?” “How about now?” Sierra asked. Roy nodded, and she flipped the pages in a book to the basics. “Guys,” Marth said, getting up, “I’ll be cooking supper if you need me.” Marth walked to a ridge, cast a makeshift fishing pole line, and started fishing.

Sierra pointed at a lesson titled “Blazer: Flight: Difficulty Level 1” in the book. “We’ll learn this first.” Sierra said. “What do I do first?” Roy asked. “The book says to think of something that makes you feel like flying,” Sierra said. Roy thought for a moment, and nodded for Sierra to move to the next step. “Then graze your sword over the ground, swing up, then jump, concentrating on the thing that made you feel like flying. The highest you’ll go is seven feet.” Roy did just that, and only got to normal jumping distance, no magic swirling around him. “I don’t get it,” Roy said, “I did what the book said.” “When I did this spell, I concentrated, very hard, then jumped,” Sierra said. Roy closed his eyes, and thought the hardest he could. Suddenly, red and orange nimbuses of magic swirled around him. “Jump, Roy! JUMP!!!!” Sierra yelled. Roy grazed his sword against the dirt ground, and, swinging his sword upward, jumped. The magic lifted him seven and a half feet, according to Sierra’s calculations. Roy opened his eyes as he flew in the air. He panicked slightly, but made a smooth landing. Sierra ran to him, checking to see if he was okay. Roy was super excited. “THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! LET’S TRY ANOTHER ONE!” Roy exclaimed. “Alright,” Sierra sighed. She turned to the next page. That spell was called “Double-edged Dance.” Roy used several combinations of swordplay with swift movement, and at the fourth swing, flames emitted from his sword. The spell after that was called “Flare Blade.” Roy concentrated on something that gave him a feeling of power. After at least seven seconds, Roy slammed his sword against the ground, and caused a massive explosion. Sierra smiled. Roy actually made a good pupil. “FISH IS READY!!!” Marth cried. Sierra and Roy rushed off to the smell of a seasoned campfire, happiness filling their hearts.

Marth had the fish ready, cooked in a glaze that was created, of course, by magic. Sierra and Roy ate ravenously. After supper, Sierra decided to take a little stroll around the grassy hills. Trying desperately to keep her black bangs from getting in her eyes, she stared into the water at a nearby lake. Surprisingly, Roy didn’t follow her. Sierra figured he was tired from magic practice. It was high time, she thought, to try some magic herself. After all, she was trained in its prestigious art.

Sierra put her hand on the surface of the crystal clear water, and created magic ripples on its shell. “Great waters that flow to my home, tell me who I am,” she said. She took her hand off the magical pool, and it swirled into a small dragon. “The water dragon of Jarus…” she whispered. This water dragon could only be called by certain few Jarusian magicians; Sierra was one of them. “Well,” The dragon said in a crystalline tone of voice, “you say you are a knight of Jarus, and a magician, but this dragon says that you are much more, and much less as well. Listen to this ancient Jarusian prophesy: No matter where you are, no matter where you roam, but the one who will remain by your side in times of trouble will be the next king of Jarus, and eventually, the Fire Continent. Call upon me again, with the flame haired one, and I will tell you the meaning.”

The dragon slipped back into the water, and left Sierra very confused. What did the prophesy mean? She could only call the dragon properly once a week, so she couldn’t do it tonight. Plus, she had to bring Roy along! How was that possible without him laughing? Sierra returned to the camp. The guys were fast asleep, and Sierra took her place on a blanket under the stars. With the prophesy of Jarus repeating itself in her mind, she fell asleep as well.


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Fan-artluver on December 30, 2005, 6:14:09 AM

Fan-artluver on
Fan-artluverRoy's not even a mage! Awesome!

Anime_Yokai_Mckai on July 21, 2005, 2:12:56 AM

Anime_Yokai_Mckai on
Anime_Yokai_Mckaiwow! Roy learned magic! hope to see more!!!