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Chapter 7 - The Castle of Dolua

An exiled princess, a young lord, and a betrayed and orphaned prince. The three ingredients that make SMR the fanfic that it is.

Chapter 7 - The Castle of Dolua

Chapter 7 - The Castle of Dolua
Chapter 7
The Castle of Dolua

The next morning, Sierra awoke to Marth practicing an ocarina, and Roy desperately trying to cook a breakfast fit for royalty. You had to admit, Sierra thought, Roy was funny when it came to cooking. The meal seemed to last forever, until Marth finally decided to hit the trail once more. When they started walking, Marth suddenly stopped. Roy and Sierra turned around. “What’s the matter, Marth?” Roy said. “Dolua…is just ahead.” Sierra was a little confused. “Dolua? Never heard of that city.” Marth turned to face Sierra with a face she had never seen before, as if he was trying to hold back tears. “We need to sit down. I want to tell you two a story.”

Silenced by Marth’s sudden change of emotions, Roy and Sierra sat down on the grass next to the path, where Marth set down their provisions. “When I was young, about twelve, the Altean castle was invaded. When I was young, I had a sister, by the name of Raia, who was nine when I last saw her. She was captured by the invaders, and I never saw her again. Later, the great council of Altea told me that the invaders were Doluans, part animal and part human, who had taken Raia to their underground kingdom.” Marth had tears in his eyes, but went on, “I vowed from that day forward to take a vengeance upon the Doluans, and avenge my sister’s capture. I love her so much…” For the first time, in Roy and Sierra’s eyes, Marth shed tears before them. “We can bypass Dolua if you want,” Sierra said. “No,” Marth said, courage coming to him again, “We will march into Dolua like proud knights, and use any means we have to take my sister back. I know it may sound silly, even for an orphaned prince like me, but I value family and friends like you two above all else, and I won’t let those half-humans get away with taking Raia.”

With a new purpose, they walked the path towards a large clay gate. As soon as they were about to walk inside, Marth heard a cry, sounding much like, “BIG BROTHER!” He turned around instantly, “Raia?” It was a little girl, thirteen or so, who had Marth’s many features: tall, blue hair, and a tendency to wear blue garments. “RAIA! I have found you at last!” He and Raia ran towards each other, and embraced. Marth, having tears streaming down his face, said, “I missed you so much! How did you escape the Doluans?” Raia replied, “I didn’t escape them, silly! I live in Dolua!” Marth was surprised. “You what?” Raia nodded towards Sierra and Roy, “Who’s with you, Marth?” Marth stepped back a little, standing next to his companions. “This is Roy, Lord of Pharae, and this is Sierra, Princess, Lady Knight, and Magician of Jarus.” Raia grinned wide when he heard “Magician.” “I wanna be a magician, too! I’ve trained a little. Can you show me some magic?” Sierra smiled awkwardly, feeling a little bit iffy about Raia’s enthusiasm. “Sure! Since you know a little magic, how about you call a bird to your hand, then I’ll multiply it. How’s that?” Raia crossed her arms, and her foot stepped into the shadow of the trees. “No! I want you to make fireworks!” Sierra almost didn’t follow Raia’s request, seeing how saucy she had instantly become, and turned to look at Marth, who was shocked as ever. “Sure, I’ll make some fireworks for you,” Sierra said. Raia sat down and replied, “Yeah, great, step in the shade so I can see them.” Sierra could tell that Marth was feeling irritated by his sister’s sudden change of personality. She created the fireworks, making things from willows to Saturn rings. When Sierra was finished, the only ones applauding were Marth and Roy. Raia still had a unsatisfied look on her face. Sierra felt exhausted from creating such extravagant of magical art, and sat on the soft grass with them. “Raia, please, no more magic…” Raia ignored Sierra’s request, and said, “Posh to you! Sitting down with a commoner like the Lord of Pharae…” That did it. Sierra couldn’t take it anymore. She had criticized her magic, and now her best friend. “Listen! If you don’t like my magic, fine. If you don’t like my background, fine. But NEVER, EVER criticize Roy like that EVER AGAIN!!!” Surprisingly, Raia didn’t flinch or seem hurt. Sierra was shocked at her own words. “Oh goodness, I’m so sorry! I—” Raia put a hand to Sierra’s nose. “Don’t be. You three obviously need to see my homeland in order to get the feel of my new personality. Come!”

She led the three slightly disturbed knights to the adobe gate. Raia then put her hand on the clay doors, and recited, “Dolua my home, awaken from your slumber!” But she said it in a different language. Sierra thought it was Altean, but Marth said no. Roy was also confused. The door slid open, and they took the steep stairs to the underground.

Once they reached the city, Raia smiled and said, “Welcome to Dolua!” Dolua, to their surprise, especially Marth’s, was massive. Marketplaces graced the streets, and a beautiful gray castle was centered amidst the chaotic crowds of half-humans. “Raia? Are you sure you’re happy here?” Marth asked. Raia only smiled back. “I love this place!” But the way she said those words seemed almost forced to Sierra. Marth and Roy seemed to notice as well, before a ridiculously loud bugle sounded and a town crier announced: “All Doluans! Attend a feast at sundown tonight, so says King Alchior!” Raia was excited. “I love feasts here! Come with me, big brother!” Marth, with Sierra and Roy following, joined Raia at the feast, which was beyond their expectations. Meat, meat, and more meat covered the table; there was not a vegetable or fruit in sight. “Raia?” Roy asked. “Can I ask you something?” “Of course!” Raia said, half-eating a massive chicken leg. “Where do the Doluans get all this meat if they live underground?” asked Roy, almost yelling to make himself heard to Raia. “Easy! We take the half-humans who were killed in the nightly wars, who turn into animals by night, and we each get a portion of their spoils!” Luckily, the three didn’t eat anything before Raia said what she said. Raia continued to eat ravenously, almost blending in with the half-humans. Roy pushed back his plate. “I don’t feel hungry anymore.” Sierra decided to ask another question. “Where do you get water?” Hopefully that didn’t come from mud. “You simply take your glass to the cave walls and wait for the water to drip. You could try the hot springs, but they come from black Doluan mud, not water,” Raia said. Sierra simply put her glass on top of her plate, a Jarusian custom that they would not be joining the feast. Upon knowing this, Marth and Roy did the same.

Once the feast was finally over, the King of Dolua stood up at the far end of the table. “Doluans far and wide, it is time to hand my rule over to my brother…” Suddenly, Marth felt a tap on his shoulder. It was a half-human, who looked to be the princess. “Please, you need to leave the city, before you are killed. Come with me.” Sierra, Marth, and Roy followed the princess into a smaller cave away from the other half-humans and Raia. “I am Nadia, Princess of Dolua, and I know that your sister, Prince of Altea, is in great danger. She was captured by my people and taken as their own. On all human citizens of Dolua, we hypnotize them into thinking that this is a pleasant place, then at night, we turn into our animal forms, and wreak havoc on the city, on King Malathor’s rule.” “Wait,” Sierra said, “I thought the king was Alchior.” “He is king by day, Malathor by night. When we all transform, Raia will become like us, only not as an animal. There are two robotic clasps near her crown, that react to light and darkness. If it is light, she is friendly as usual, but in the shadows, she is as sour as Malathor. The only way you can take her clasps off is tonight…..” Suddenly, Nadia flinched. Fur was growing on her arms and legs, and her hands transformed into clawed paws. She had turned into a were-fox.

The three ran into the depths of the smaller caves to stay hidden, and hopefully weed out the half-humans to find Raia. “I wish Raia hadn’t been captured,” Marth panted, “or else I wouldn’t have to worry about her so much as I am now.” Sierra unsheathed her sword. “Well, since we’re here, we may as well fight them off!” They fought the half-humans off until they saw Raia, angrier than ever, her eyes glowing red.

Sierra decided to try some magic again. Concentrating her power, she got in touch with Raia’s mind, and heard, “Sierra, Roy, Big Brother? I am sorry for what I did, I’m under Dolua’s dark spells. Please save me!” Before Sierra heard anything else, her hold on Raia’s mind broke, and she was fighting desperately to get the clasps off her head. Marth and Roy were doing the same. At last, Sierra pinned her down with the magic that she could summon, and used a slumber spell to put her to sleep. Marth, feeling very glad that his sister wasn’t about to attack him, removed the clasps from her head.

Raia finally awoke on the grass outside the adobe gate, which was locked up by a good welding of Roy’s Pharaean flames. “Raia?” Marth whispered, “can you hear me?” Raia sat up and hugged Marth with all her strength. “Thanks for saving me, big brother!” “Hey, I saw an empty cottage on the coastline on the way here! We can stop there for the night,” Sierra suggested. “Great idea! I’ll get our stuff!” Roy chimed, picking up all their bags.

The next morning, Sierra, Marth, Roy, and Raia had breakfast in the great room. “So…are you going to join us?” Sierra asked, eating her piece of bacon. “No,” Raia said. “I want to restore Altea.” Marth spewed the milk he drank all over the table when he heard Raia’s words. “What do you mean?” “I want to restore the kingdom I love so dear. I will live in this cottage until Altea is completely restored, and you and I will reclaim our titles, Marth. Are you sure you want to leave?” Marth nodded. “I think I need to busy myself with saving the continent from Ariella, and attending the Jarusian Ball.” “The Jarusian Ball!!!” Sierra suddenly cried. “I completely forgot! We need to hit the road, guys.”

So they left the cottage, and Raia, after hugs and farewells, and set off to Morden Mountain, to its capital, Aarona, Ariella’s domain.


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QueenofRed on June 4, 2007, 9:49:46 AM

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QueenofRedwhy does Marth have an OCARINA!?

kikyo_lovers_59 on February 20, 2006, 5:24:18 AM

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kikyo_lovers_59Love it

Fan-artluver on January 18, 2006, 10:36:04 AM

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Fan-artluverMe: I guess I should tell him. Link, I hate to break it to you, but Marth secretly loves Zelda!
Marth: Fan-artluver! You're just gonna make things worse!
Me: So? I love the thought and you and Zelda as a couple.
Link: Well, I don't!
Me: Who cares?

sago_wolfbeil on December 30, 2005, 10:34:36 PM

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Link: Where's my ocarina! I promised Zelda I'd play a song for her!
Marth: um....*is hiding ocarina*
Link: YOU TOOK IT!!!
Roy: oooh, busted!
Marth: ROY!! *runs away from the campsite*
Link: I'll get you for that! *runs off after Marth*
Sierra: All that for an ocarina....

Fan-artluver on December 30, 2005, 6:14:49 AM

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Fan-artluverDid Marth take that Ocarina from Link?

Song_of_a_Phoenix on September 1, 2005, 11:20:58 AM

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Song_of_a_PhoenixYAY! Marth found his sister and they saved her! I hope you get new chapters up soon!

Anime_Yokai_Mckai on July 22, 2005, 6:08:20 AM

Anime_Yokai_Mckai on
Anime_Yokai_MckaiWow! Raia must really love her big brother! I have a big brother too. I didn't know i had a big brother until i was maybe six! this fanfic is so awesome!!!

sago_wolfbeil on July 21, 2005, 8:00:21 AM

sago_wolfbeil on
sago_wolfbeilFWEEEE! This chapter is LOOOONG! Oh well...more chapters, I promise! ^^