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When Ruby moves to a whole new region and a whole new town, he also has to go to a whole new school. He is then put in a class with a buncha weirdos! Will Ruby survive or will he be doomed to live like this forever?!


"Yargh!" Diamond and Kiri leaped outta the way just as the car swerved to a halt.
"You idiots!" snapped the driver.
"Sorry..." Diamond and Kiri apologized. The driver then mumbled something about "teenagers" and drove into the driveway and into the parking lot. Diamond twirled around abruptly and announced, "Okay, there's nothing to see here people!"
The kids just went back to what they were doing and Aquamarine joined the tennis ball game. Red heaved a sigh of relief.
Peridot was heading towards the chorus room. She had blond hair, and a little of it was held in a bun. She wore glasses over her light green eyes, a pink and white striped shirt, jeans, and brown "slipper" shoes. She heard the very outta-tune notes singing along with a piano. Peridot knew it was Sapphire. Which is bad. REALLY REALLY bad. She walked through the doorway, where, thank goodness, Sapphire had stopped singing. Her friend Yellow sat in a chair, scribbling in a notebook.
"Hey Yellow!" she greeted with a smile.
"Hi Peridot, how have you been?
"Good, not counting the ear damage I have taken from Sapphire's singing."
"Hehe, yup." Yellow paused for a moment. "Didya hear 'bout the two kids that almost got ran over by a car at lunch?"
"No...uh...explain, please..." Peridot offered.
"They were playing with a tennis ball and no one told them there was a car headed straight toward them. The guy stopped just in time."
"Who were they?"
"Some girls named Kiri and Diamond..."
Peridot gasped. "Diamond! She's my friend!"
Yellow whistled. "Then be thankful she wasn't flatten like a pancake." THe piano had started up again and Sapphire started to "sing" Ode to Joy.
"Let's leave..." Peridot suggested.
"Good idea," Yellow agreed.
Emerald had just received word of the car incident. She had blonde hair, dark green eyes, and an emerald necklace. She wore a sleevless purple shirt and cutoffs. Emerald thought to herself, how come no one noticed? Did they just want them to get flattened?!
"Emerald, can you hand me a textbook?" Kiri asked.
"Oh, here," she said, handing her the science textbook.
"I can't believe I almost....died today." Kiri whispered.
"Call it luck!" Emerald laughed.
"The answer is b to the second!" Aquamarine cried.
"Okay, okay!" Diamond said.
"Little numbers are evil...." Peridot murmered. The friends shook their heads in agreement. They were in math, studying the divsion and multiplication of exponents.
"Good call there, Diamond," Peridot referred to the incident.
"Heh,heh....what can I say?" she replied with a sweatdrop.
"Excuse me, back to the worksheet?" Aquamarine implied.
"Oh, right..." Peridot and Diamond said.
"Er, sixteen a to the eighth?"
I didn't remeber this "car incident" that everyone was talking about...and I was there!! I must've passed out...Aquamarine again...
It was about 5 more minutes until dismissial and the usual craziness was going on in the classroom. I gathered up my bookbag and went over to Gold's desk.
Gold was humming to the song that he was listened to, lying back in his seat.
"DJ Mary?" I asked, without a doubt.
"You got it!" Gold said, with a thumbs up.
Suddenly, I felt something hit me in the back of my head. It rolled under Gold's desk so I picked it up. It was a piece of chalk. Green...
Green usually spent the minutes before dismissial writing and solving problems on the board. I walked up and put the chalk back into the tray.
"I guess you have some mental ability..."
Green flipped his head. "You were smart enough to realize that I threw that at you."
"And your point is....?" I questioned.
"I figuered a new guy like you wouldn't have much wit..." Green scoffed and still continued to solve his problems on the board.
"Hey you! Listen here-"
The bell rang and everyone hurried out the door. Green grabbed his bookbag and left before I had a chance to come back with anything.
"Yo Red, wake up dude," Gold nudged Red in the arm. He had fallen asleep...again. Red always falls alseep for some reason... I trudged over to Red's desk.
"How are you gonna wake him up if that doesn't work?" I asked. Gold gave me a weird smile. "Watch..." he instructed. He took out a CD player and popped a random CD in. He cranked up the volume to full blast and put it near Red's ear.
"I always get a kick outta this!" Gold chuckled.
"Right...." I mumbled. As soon as the music started playing, it sounded like a airplane had dropped a bomb.
Red's eyes burst opened and he shouted, "I SWEAR TO DRUNK I'M NOT GOD!!"
"Wh..what?!" I stammered.
"Cool, this is the weirdest one yet!" Gold cheered.
"Huh?" What is goin' on here?!
"C'mon Red!" Gold said as he grabbed Red's arm and hoisted him off his chair. Red stumbled behind, disorientated. "I will never tell, NEVER!" he shouted. Not knowing for sure what was happening, I trailed behind.
Gold took Red into the restroom. Thinking of the possibilities of what Gold was gonna do to Red, I waited outside. Several seconds later, I heard a loud splish. Eeewww.....
"There ya go, all better now...right?" I heard Gold ask. They came back out into the hall. Red's hair was matted and wet.
"Um, what didya do to him?"
"It's my own special cure," Gold explained. "Red has this weird sleeping disorder and he seems intoxicated when he wakes up. To cure him, I simply just dunk his head into the toilet!"
"Bleh," I winced.
"So you're good now...right?" Gold asked.
"It's all good." Red answered.
Just then, Emerald came down the hallway from dropping off something to a teacher. She saw Red with his wet hair.
"Uh, what were you guys doing?"
"Ahh!! What a cute girl!!" Gold exclaimed.
"Er, what?" I said.
"Gold, in his many ways, gets all weird when he sees a cute girl." Red replied, taking off his hat. He shook his head like a dog, to get the water off. Meanwhile, Gold was going on about how cute Emerald was.
"Um, thanks..." Emerald answered with confusion at the compliments Gold gave her. "But why is your hair wet?" She pointed to Red.
"Er...the hypocalypse?" he shrugged. I gave him an unsure look.
"Alright, you guys are weird." Emerald grunted, and she walked off.


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Ashleetheangel312 on February 19, 2007, 10:56:59 AM

Ashleetheangel312 on
Comment Deleted

sapphirestar7789 on February 20, 2007, 5:43:12 AM

sapphirestar7789 on
sapphirestar7789No, in the manga Emerald is a boy but since I am not using Emerald, wolf-girl-ghost asked if she could be Emerald cuz its her birthstone.

mandy94t on February 18, 2007, 9:09:24 AM

mandy94t on
mandy94tokies....guys ish weird,ne?heh....
eeew,dunked his head in the toilet?eeewww....shoulda gave him a swirly!!^ ^

gemdrop123neo on January 21, 2007, 7:40:27 AM

gemdrop123neo on

sapphirestar7789 on January 21, 2007, 7:51:06 AM

sapphirestar7789 on
sapphirestar7789I is worthy of your laughter...

drakestshadow_x on January 21, 2007, 6:24:02 AM

drakestshadow_x on
drakestshadow_xSap sucks rock
you almost died!

crazicat06 on January 20, 2007, 11:44:53 PM

crazicat06 on
crazicat06Thank God! I thought u were gonna kill me! YA FOR DRIVERS WHO PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!

wolf-girl-ghost on January 20, 2007, 7:49:14 PM

wolf-girl-ghost on
wolf-girl-ghostYay me!Lol yay Gold thinks I'm cute ^//^