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Chapter 8 - Hey, Hey, Yo!

When Ruby moves to a whole new region and a whole new town, he also has to go to a whole new school. He is then put in a class with a buncha weirdos! Will Ruby survive or will he be doomed to live like this forever?!

Chapter 8 - Hey, Hey, Yo!

Chapter 8 - Hey, Hey, Yo!
"Man that sucks!" Gold was playing a game on his iPod when all of a sudden it went dead. It was the game where you shoot people in the helicopter. "I need to charge this thing,"
"So, you were only playing that game to see if you could beat your high score." Red said. "By the way, what is your high score?"
"6!" Gold replied cheerfully.
"I shoulda guessed...." Gold did not have the type of attention span even for video games. He would probably watch the first 5 minutes of a movie, and then do something else.
"It's your turn to carry the books." Red grunted.
"Alright, fine." Red piled the books one by one into Gold's arms. He almost collapsed under the weight.
"Jeez, you're a weakling!" Red laughed.
"I am not! I just don't like physical exercise!" Gold retorted. He then took one step foward and dropped the books all over the pavement.
"And that proves that you are a weakling!"
Gold murmered something about "not lifting weights" and began to pick up the books. Then it started to rain.
"Dang, that's gonna ruin my hair!" he whined. He ran toward Ruby's house, Red trailing behind.
After what seemed hours of battling, it started to rain, and everyone dispersed to their homes. Aquamarine said that Diamond and Peridot could come to her house and they followed behind in the rain.
"I'm hungry."
"You're always hungry!" Peridot exclaimed.
"Yeah, but all that battling beat the wind outta me!" Diamond wheezed.
"I probably have something in the fridge." Aquamarine said.
"I'm hungry, too." Peridot said.
"Good greif, you too!" Aquamrine cried.
I sat on the couch, my brain vegitating. Mom had gone gocery shopping and Dad had his usual job at the gym. I heard the doorbell ring, so I went to answer the door.
"Happy Birthday!" Gold shouted. They were both drenched and Gold had about 10 ponds of homework in his hands. "Here's all your HW."
"Thanks. Um, you can come in if ya want." I offered. The stepped through the doorway and Gold shook his hair as if he were a wet dog. "Hey, you gotta plug anywhere?"
"Good, I need to charge this thing." He went of in search for a plug and I sat back down on the couch.
"So, anything happen at school?" I asked Red, who said in the armchair.
"Well, Sapphire missed you...and we pretty much did nothing." Red answered.
"What was that?" Red and I said together. Gold came back into the living room and was covered in smoke. "It shocked me...." he said feebly.
Diamond and Peridot were happily enjoying their tuna sandwhiched Aquamarine had prepared.
"Are you satisfied now?" she asked. They both gave thumbs ups. "Good."
They finished the last few bits and then didn't say anything for a minute.
"I'm thirsty." the both said. Aquamarine did an anime fall.
"Alright, you can have something to drink."
"Oh, didya hear? There's gonna be two new peeps in the school!" Diamond said.
"Yeah, I think their names are Dy and Pearl..."


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mandy94t on February 18, 2007, 9:16:12 AM

mandy94t on
EEWWW TUNA!!SHOOT IT SHOOT IT!!*blows tuna snadwiches to Satan's place*Nastynastynasty!!
yay YOU ROCK!!

Coolstra on February 15, 2007, 8:57:29 AM

Coolstra on
Coolstracoolies! More students!

wolf-girl-ghost on February 12, 2007, 5:41:44 PM

wolf-girl-ghost on
wolf-girl-ghostYay u updated!

gemdrop123neo on February 12, 2007, 7:34:53 AM

gemdrop123neo on
gemdrop123neoThat's one short chapter, but good anyways! Did ya check out MY new story??

sapphirestar7789 on February 12, 2007, 9:44:53 AM

sapphirestar7789 on
sapphirestar7789i threw it together before karate...hehehe....