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Chapter 9 - Newbies

When Ruby moves to a whole new region and a whole new town, he also has to go to a whole new school. He is then put in a class with a buncha weirdos! Will Ruby survive or will he be doomed to live like this forever?!

Chapter 9 - Newbies

Chapter 9 - Newbies
"Alright everyone, shut up..." the teacher said. All the students, stopped and immediately shut their mouths. Aqaumarine, Diamond, and Peridot were sitting in a 3-desk group and turned their head to face the teacher. Kiri and Emerald stopped their swordfight with rulers.
"We have two new students today!" Mrs. Halite said cheerfully. The class clapped and some muttered under their breath. "Class, don't be disrespectful..."
"Down with school lunches!" one random kid shouted. Everyone laughed but Mrs. Halite only glared and told the kid to sit down.
"Awesome! New kids! Maybe I can tell them about my gory dreams and make them faint!" Aquamrine whispered.
"Don't get yer hopes up," Diamond replied.
"Lemme introduce you to Pearl and Dy." She led a boy and a girl into the classroom.
"Die? What kinda name is "die"? Aquamrine murmered. Peridot and Diamond just shrugged their shoulders.
"Now make them feel welcome, not threatened."
"Yo! It rarely snows here!" shouted the same random kid. Mrs. Halite just sighed.
"What's up with them?" Peridot pointed to a group of boys who were going gaa-gaa over Pearl. Pearl seemed to be enjoying the attention.
"Crap! She's one of those stuck up kinda girls!" Diamond sneered.
"Like Sapphire...only worse..." Aquamarine said. The three friends shuddered.
"Okay, I need someone to go with each of these students and help them on their first day." Mrs. Halite explained. The group of boys shouted that they wanted to show Pearl around the school. Pearl flipped her hair back and smiled.
"I wanna help!" Aquamrine said and shot a hand into the air.
"Me too!" chimed Peridot.
"Me three!" added Diamond.
"Seems like ya'll wanna help. You can be the ambassadors for Dy."
"Yay!" Diamond and Peridot exclaimed. They slapped each other high fives.
"Perfect..." Aquamarine said, with a glint in her eye..
Gold did not come to school today because he had severe burns from being electricuited by the plug. We were in the computer lab doing projects for L.A.
"Mrs. Opal, my computer's not working!" Silver whined.
"That's because you haven't turned it on yet." Mrs. Opal said. Silver nodded and started pushing random buttons on the monitor.
"How pathetic," grumbled Green.
"Mrs. Opal, what's the password?"
"Pokemon." Silver clacked in the password and uploaded the screen.
"Mrs. Opal, what are we doing again?"
"We are writing a report about classical literature."
Mrs. Opal went back to her papers.
"Mrs. Opal, how do I research classical literature? Silver asked. She groaned and went over to help him.
"Does that guy ever learn anything?" I asked Red.
"No...we were once paired up for a science experiment..." Red started on.

[flashback to 6th grade]
Red was mixing the right amounts of chemical together to create the perfect mixture. He created a purplish liquid in the beaker.
"Perfect!" he said triumphantly.
Silver waddled over with a test tube filled with another chemical. "What will happed if I pour this into your mixture? He tipped the tube downward.
"No don't--!" Red cried.

[end flashback]

"...and we did the same experiment to see if he remembered anything...and did the same thing...AGAIN!!!"
Red looked frightened and angry at the same time. I decided not to ask anymore questions.
"Now Dy, the most important room to avoid is Mrs. Opal's classroom." Diamond explained.
"You'll see at lunch." Peridot and Diamond were giving the grand tour of the school. They came down a long hallway and stopped at the cafeteria.
"Behold, the cafeteria, which holds some of Earth's newest lifeforms!" Peridot said with herarms spread out. Diamond whispered, "You might wanna bring your own lunch..." Dy nodded.
They went to the left side of the cafeteria. "Behold, the gym...the dumbest period of the day!" Peridot went on. They continued left and stood in front of the connections wing.
"Behold..!" Peridot began.
"Enough of the "beholding", just get on with it!" Diamond said.
"..the connection hallway, which is home to Home Ec., Tech. Ed., Chorus, Orchestra, and Band!"
Dy looked at Peridot as if she were a nutcase.
"Yeah, you just need to get used to it..." Diamond reassured him with a wave of her hand. A massive group of guys were down the other hallway, showing Pearl the computer lab.
"Okay over here," Diamond moved forward. "Peridot, come on..." Peridot was still waving her arms in the air, but she put them down and followed.
"So, where is Mrs. Opal's class?" Dy asked.
"Right next to ours." Diamond pointed.
He looked and saw these strange looking kids. "Um, there is a devil and an angel in their class...he trembled.
"Yup, no onw knows where they came from..." Peridot said in a spooky voice.
"Hey, it's the newbie!" Aquamarine chimed as she joined her other two friends. "What your name again, Death?"
"It's Dy. D-Y." he said, irritated. Diamond thought, Here we go again...
"It's the male version of Diamond's name." Peridot added.
"Tch. Whatever. So, how's France?"
"Huh?" Dy said.
"Aren't you from France?" Aquamarine was purposely trying to get on his nerves.
"Uhhh, no."
"Oh, well you look like it."
"Uh, who is this again?" Dy asked Peridot and Diamond.
"Our gory friend Aquamarine."
"I bet Gold would've love to been heretoday 'cause there's a new girl named Pearl that all the guys are talking about." Red said. I looked up.
"Who is Pearl?" I questioned.
"That girl over there with the dark blue and hair and black and pink dress." red pointed out.
Pearl seemed used to getting all the attention. She walked past where Red and I were sitting. She flipped her hair as if she wanted us to follow.
"That ain't working!" Red shouted happily. She glared at him and walked away.
"I don't think she wants a guy who has a sleeping disorder follow her around." I said.
"That's me, and that's exactly why girls don't bother!" he said.
"What the heck are you TALKING about?!" Dy said.
"It's her "Gory Dream of the Day". She tells us about the dreams she has every night." Peridot said.
"I had this weird dream that an Absol was the evolved form of an Umbreon!" Diamond shared.
"Whoa! That's weird!" Dy and Peridot said. A mass of mashed potatoes flew through the air.
"Nice hair!" Aquamarine sneered. The potatoes had splattered on Dy's hat.
"Umbrellas ready!" Diamond shouted. They each got out two umbrellas from under the table.
"......" Dy was puzzled.
"Just wait," Peridot said. All of a sudden, mashed potatoes came raining down like hailstones. When it was over, the top part of the umbrella was covered in sloppy, potato goop.
Silver came over and took a scoop of potato from Aqumarine's umbrella. "Mmm, not bad."
Dy just stared with a sweatdrop.


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sapphirestar7789yes, i love when guys are stupid.

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sapphirestar7789I have finally updated and added the characters from POkemon Diamond/Pearl!

I actually did have a dream where Absol was an evolved form of Umbreon. Freaky, isn't it?

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