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Chapter 2 - Next 10 Digimon things to do during School

Digimon thing to do during school, like the title says.

Chapter 2 - Next 10 Digimon things to do during School

Chapter 2 - Next 10 Digimon things to do during School

11.You go to sleep while the teacher is talking and dream about Digimon and going to the Digital World.
12.You try and add up how many kinds of Digimon there are during math class.
13.You draw Digimon all class and show them to your teacher and when she asks
"Did you draw those during class?" You say "Of course not!I was working
on drawing Digimon."
14.You yell out "Digimon is on!" When Digimon comes on to the class.
15.You draw your favorite Digimon and put it on the
person's desk next to you and when they say "What the heck is this thing!" You yell "It's a Digimon!" And everybody stares.
16.If there's someone in your class named Joe,Matt,or Henry you
go up to them and say "Where's Gomamon,Gabumon,or Terriermon?"
17.You show your friends pictures of Digimon all class.
18.You and your Digimon friends always partner
up during group projects and insted of working you battle with your
Digimon cards and wait to get a Blue Card so you all can become
Digimon Tamers.
19.You get so bored you write "I love Digimon." a million times on a piece
of paper.
20.You read Digimon books all class untill it's over.

Okay!That was the last 10!


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PunkWolfGirl on February 20, 2007, 2:41:35 AM

PunkWolfGirl on
PunkWolfGirlLMAO! Im Gunna Do 17 =DDD