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Chapter 1 - Hao's Fire

not-so-short, short story about Hao a little before the Shaman Fight... yup

Chapter 1 - Hao's Fire

Chapter 1 - Hao's Fire
Love Came Softly

By: Fal A. Kon-- who doesnt own Shaman King or Hao

All was quiet, and all was peaceful.

Asha lay sprawled out on the ground. She knew she should get up and do something but it was just to peaceful. It was so peaceful that she could cry. She touched her face-- she WAS crying. Has something happened? A male voice said.

No. Asha sat up, It was just so peaceful that it brought me to tears. Stupid no? She turned and smiled at the boy. He had long brown hair, and rather large earrings.

No. The boy replied, Its not stupid for a Shaman to be moved by nature.

Thank you. Asha stood up, Youre very perceptive. A few other Shaman have past this way. Few have stopped, and fewer still knew they were speaking to a fellow Shaman. Im Asha by the way.

Hao. He replied. What are you doing here? Waiting while the ignorant masses destroy this world.

Well. Asha replied, I am waiting for something. But I have no intention of letting anyone destroy our world.

A small smile crept onto the boys face, Then would you like to join me, and protect this world.

You seem zealous, even to the point of blood shed. Asha replied, But, yes, I will come with you. Asha smiled, You remind me a little of somebody that I used to know. Strange, and powerful, yet so distant that it makes me a little afraid that I wont ever be able to met you, to touch you... untouchable... indescribable... Asha looked up at Hao, A dream... that Im too afraid to touch for the fear of breaking its enchantment over me... Asha looked down, Im sorry this must seem so strange for you to hear. I only just met you a few minutes ago.

Hao smiled, No, you just recognize the Future King of the Shamans. He replied, his voice smooth without the ragged edges of cockiness.

Yeah. Asha replied trembling slightly, Thats exactly how I feel. Im in the presence of the King. It makes me feel so small and so afraid. Asha raised her hands up to her chest, And yet so determined to wipe away everything that I hate about myself, so I can be worthy for this, for you. She looked up at Hao, The Future Shaman King Hao what Ive been waiting for.

Really? Hao seemed surprised for a moment.

Yes, all my life it seems Ive been waiting. I never knew what though. It was such a beautifully sad feeling almost like my heart was been torn apart. I never knew I was waiting for the Shaman King until this moment. Asha started to cry, Im sorry I just feel so happy, Im done waiting. Im ready to go with you. Please, take me with you. I know Im weak, but Ill work hard and one day Ill be worthy to follow you.

Hao smiled, Ive been watching you. Youre a powerful Shaman, with a powerful Spirit Ally.

I was preparing for now I think. Asha wiped her eyes, I never knew what I was doing really.

Thats why I offered for you to come with me, so we can purge this world of the filth thats been accumulating.

Please I just want to go with you... Master Hao. Asha bowed low.

Then come.

Asha walked up to Hao. He was wearing a kimono that was strange he rarely ever did, but that was all right with her now they matched. He glanced over at her, Sit down. He patted the seat next to him. Hesitantly Asha walked over to him. The Shaman Fight is starting soon. He commented.

Ive been counting the days. A chill went up Ashas spine, I can hardly wait until you are crowned King.

Hao smiled slightly, And what will you... if I die during the fight?

Asha was silent for a moment. For all the months that she had known Hao he had never spoken of defeat, My soul will be saddened exceedingly, Asha replied, Even onto death.

Hao raised and eyebrow, Why?

Because then the world will be allowed to ferment for another 500 years until your spirit is reborn. Asha replied.

What if some other rises up? Hao replied settling back into their firmiliar conversation.

None is you, Master Hao. Asha replied, You always ask of me that. If Im not being too bold may I ask why?

Go ahead. Hao replied smiling at his own joke. I want to hear you answer. Its so different from what the others say. Why is that?

They do not think that there are other true minded Shaman in this world. Asha replied, There are, but none of them are you Master Hao. None of them can rescue this world like you will. Asha looked at Hao from the corner of her eye. I- does that displease you?

No no. Hao leaned over to Asha, Why are you so different from anyone Ive ever met in any of my lives? Why do I enjoy that difference so much? Hao leaned closer to Asha. His lips were centimeters form Ashas. His warm hand was on her knee.

Asha backed away, No, no! Master Hao! Please Im not worthy, yet!

Asha. Hao sounded disappointed.

No! Please, Master Hao, I couldnt burden you like that. Asha ran off. Leaning back Hao whispered softly to himself, smiling happily.


Yes, Miss Asha. A ghost-woman seemingly materialized out of the shadows. She wore a highly oriented kimono and her hair was tied up in a very traditional way, she was a very beautiful ghost.

Asha looked up it was still the same night as when Hao had tried to kiss her. The same beautiful night, the same bitterly beautiful night. Master Hao. She moaned and sat down, and touched her knee wondering if some of his cells were still on her. She touched her face it was wet with tears.

Miss Asha, is there something wrong? Ayano leaned closer to her.

No, no. Asha replied, Nothing can ever be wrong again.

Miss Asha, I know that I am just your tool, but I must say again that we need to leave. Hao can not be trusted, hell destroy everything and everyone! We need to stop him!

No. Asha shook her head, I know I can change him. When he becomes King I can help him change the world for good.

Do you truly think that or do you just wish that.

I believe that there is good in Master Hao, Ayano. Asha looked ahead not really comprehending what she was seeing. I love him...

Were so close. Hao had changed out of his kimono, but then again so had Asha. So close to the Shaman Fight. Ill need to call my followers to me soon.

Then never should have left. Asha replied.

Thats all right. Hao replied, I got to spent time alone with you. Asha blushed and tried to change the subject. Last nights memories still burned wondrously in her mind.

Well have to be careful. The people of this town arent very welcome to Shaman.

And? Hao replied unimpressed. He waited for Asha to reply when she didnt, How's about you go off and restock out food supplies, and Ill take care of the rest of it.

You shouldnt have to take care of anything, Master Hao, your the Master and Im your humble servant.

Yes, but I want to get done quickly. Hao replied, We have other things to go besides domestic errands.

All right, Master Hao, if you say so. Asha replied, Ill hurry up!

Hey you! Demon Girl! Asha ignored there teasing, Wheres your Master Demon Girl? Wheres the Chief of the Baby Demons.

That one canned it. People could make fun of Asha till the cows came home, but Master Hao was important.

I wouldnt say that. Asha replied, If Master Hao catches wind, you will lament your arrogance in Hell.

Ooo Im so scared! The boy replied. Master Hao is going to kill me! HA! The only thing that guy could kill was a rat! definitely not a perfect specimen of manly hood!

Asha smiled, Then you should be worried, rat.

The boy growled. Asha paid him no notice and continued with her shopping after a few minutes the boy stalked off. A chill ran over Ashas spine. She grabbed her knives out of there sheaths while she spun around. SLICING SOUND WAVES! She yelled and drew her knives across each other. The group of boys behind her lost there heads, literally. Some one screamed and then another, and another.

Stay right there Demon Girl! A man yelled a pistol has gripped in his shaking hand. Dont make any moves.

Im not go- Asha stopped short. The man was aiming for her heart, but not being a good shot missed-- causing a bullet to tear through her liver. A scream left Ashas lips. Hao hear it and ran in a second.

Asha! He whispered kneeling down by her. His hand lingering over her. Asha!

Are you too ashamed to touch me? Asha whispered weakly and started to say something else.

No. Hao replied bitter tears were welling in his eyes. Youre a dream... that Im too afraid to reach out and touch tears were pouring down Haos face like rain, for fear. he was sobbing now, That I might break your enchantment over me. Asha smiled.

I love you.

I love you too. Hao replied, but Asha was already dead. Bitter tears of regret poured down his face. He could taste there saltiness, but like blood. Silently he wiped his eyes and stood up. Fire sparked up all around him, burning everything that it touched. The world will be punished-- harshly. Hao turned and left.

Ayano stood over her beloved mistress not caring that Haos Fire was consuming her as well. Im sorry, Miss Asha, but I dont think Hao can every be good again.



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