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Chapter 1 - The Past Memories

 Axel has just joined the Orginization.  And latly, he has been having dreams of a mysterious girl,and he cant remember who she is. So he looks for information on who she and his family are.

Chapter 1 - The Past Memories

Chapter 1 - The Past Memories
Kingdom Hearts: Axels Forbidden Memories

Chapter 1: The past memories

Ever stopped to think, who am I? Or have you ever thought what am I? I have, for I had no memories of my past and I was determined to find out the truth&

The names Axel, got it memorized? I am a member of Organization 13, and I was the 8th person to join this group of non-hearted people. Xemnas is our leader and he showed me that if I were to stay with my past, I would end up&well Id rather not talk about it&

Lately Ive been having these weird thoughts, dreams and visions in my mind. They are appearing in small parts, but the ones I see most one is what I think is a young girl and one is a little toddle boy. I really wonder who they are. And I also keep hearing a voice saying,  Youll always be in our hearts Axel
Its a girls voice and I am so confused. Who are these people? Have they anything to do with me?
When will I find out about them???


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