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Chapter 4 - The battle part 2

This is my first story of sonic and company If you want to join let me know

Chapter 4 - The battle part 2

Chapter 4 - The battle part 2
Sonic Flash oh yeah!!
  *title explodes*

Shadow:where did you come from?
Sonic:And how you know to find us?
Sliver:Well Hunter helped me out.
Sonic:Who's that?
SS619:That would be me!See I helped you guy out.^_^Now wait a sec.*makes Knux conscious again*
Knux:Damn My heads like dog man!!!>_<
SS619:*makes tails alive again*
Tails:I'm alive?I'M ALIVE!!!

@some where else

*Sonic adv 2 theme comes on*
SS619:Hey guys you know about sonic that blue hedgehog right?
???1:Yeah the one that save the world from time to time.
SS619:Yes that's the one.
???2:should we warn him about the evil one?
SS619:Yes ___.
???3:let me go help them!
???2:No what about the plan?
SS619:don't I got this.___ you go make a portal to send him to the place.
???4:Okay.*makes a portal*I hope you be ok ___.
???3:I will___.*goes into portal*
@farther than the battle field

*shadow the hedgehog theme come on*
M.Knux:What in bloody hell was that!?
M.shadow:It was some kind of a telekinetic force.
M.Knux:I'M GONNA FREAKING KILL THE PERSON WHO DID THIS TO ME!!!*jets off so the trees bended*
M.sonic:AAAAAAAARRRRGHHHH!*does the same thing M.knux did*
M.shadow:TIME TO KILL!!!*jets offs even faster than both of them*
                                             To be continued......


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