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Chapter 5 - The batte and the future

This is my first story of sonic and company If you want to join let me know

Chapter 5 - The batte and the future

Chapter 5 - The batte and the future
Well we all know that M.sonic,M.knux and M.shadow are pissed off and who are those 4 mystery characters?let's find out!
Sonic Flash oh yeah!!
  *title explodes*

Sonic:I'm glad that's over
Shadow:Me too.
Knux:What happened I was unconscious as so I'd heard.
Tails:Yeah what.....Wait a minute you was unconscious?!
Tails:alright,alright damn*mumbling under his breathe*
Sonic:Ooookaaaay.anyways me and metal was fighting are asses off so on and so for this and that.
Tails and Knux:O_O
Sliver:I know if hunter did not tell me you guys were in trouble you all would be dead!
Tails:who's that?
Tails :Oh.
M.s, & M.k:TIME TO DIE!!*charging to the five*
Amy:NOOOOO*screams extremely loud*
M.s, & M.k:*explodes*
???3:*come out of the portal that ???4 opened*You guys okay?*puts sword back*
Amy:I am*runs over to ???3*
???1:Hey get away from my little bro!*come out of portal
Sonic:Who are you guy?
???3:I'm Epsilon It's nice to meet you in person sonic the hedgehog.
Sonic:how do you know my name?
???1:From where we came from your famous.
Sonic:I'm famous?!$_$
???1:Oh and by the way I'm Tydle.Tydle the hedgehog
Epsilon:We to warn you about the evil one.Lord Razor.He is stronger than metal sonic.
Sonic:Did you say he's stronger than metal sonic.
Tydle:No dookie!
Sonic:Okay I was making sure you said that.
Epsilon:Sonic I need you to bring your of your friends with us to fight this evil.
Sonic:Okay*pulls out phone of and calls team chaotix,Blaze and nitro*
Epsilon:Wait you know Nitro.
Sonic:yes I do.
Epsilon and tydle:that's are little brother!We thought he died!
Tails:*calls cream*
Shadow:*calls rouge and Omega*
Amy:*calls Tikal* 
V.E.Ch.Cr.R & O:*comes right away*Hi guys whats up?
So.A.Sh.T.Si:where going on a field trip!
                                           To be continue...                        


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