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Chapter 8 - The future pt 3

This is my first story of sonic and company If you want to join let me know

Chapter 8 - The future pt 3

Chapter 8 - The future pt 3
???1: whoa! That was soooo awesome!
???2: *whispers*quiet!you'll blow our cover!
Alex: who are you?!
Shadow: and where are you!?
???1 and 2: Eeep!O_O"
???2: too late now -___-"
Alex and shadow: ANSWER ME!
Shadow: whoa a paradox
???1:*whispers*should we?
???2:*whispers*we have no choice
???1 and 2:*jump down from the sky*(there was an echidna and a red and black fox)
Alex: heh.. so there you are
???2: allow me to introduce our selves I'm a Flame and this here *points at ???!* is Ben 
Sonic: Are you friend or foe
Hunter: friends
Knux: *sigh* not another echidna
Ben: What did you say?!
Knux: I said not another echidna.gotta problem with that
Ben: yes I do!
Hunter: STOP!
Knux: Hmph
Knux and Ben:*mumbles* I hate that echidna!
Omega: *pokes something*
??3: EEEEK! PERVERT*kicks omega so hard his head spun in an 360 degree angle 50 times*
Alex: this is my girlfriend Loretta
Lorreta: hi Alex:*kisses him*
Shadow: wow!!
Rouge:*slaps shadow*
???4: Epsilon!
Epsilon: kki!*hugs her*
Ben: that was awesome Nitro when you blew up big
Nitro:aw shucks ~^_^~
*here wall getting banged on*
Everyone: *sees walls crack**get on guard*
*walls are busted in all 8 directions*
Everyone : see a swarm of robots

To be continued...


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BlazingKeyblade on July 1, 2007, 3:44:31 PM

BlazingKeyblade on
BlazingKeybladeAwesome!!! ^0^ *Faves*

sonicspeed619 on July 1, 2007, 3:52:43 PM

sonicspeed619 on
sonicspeed619YAY Pi or pie... iono XD