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Chapter 2 - Distracted

If you haven't read my first STAR WARS story, I WOULD NOT read this one cuz you won't know what in the crap is going on!! This is a continuation of my first story

STAR WARS belong to George Lucas...NOT ME!! *I wish*

Chapter 2 - Distracted

Chapter 2 - Distracted
Ash strapped herself in, hoping that Xiang was a better pilot than she thought he was. The ship kept falling and the ground kept getting closer and closer. In her viewport it started to cloud up with streaks of fire and dirt until she couldn’t see through it anymore.
Then they hit ground.
The impact was so hard that Ash was thrown out of her safety webbing and her head was knocked against the wall of the laser cannon torrent. A dark flash seemed to come over her for a few seconds but it backed away and she stayed conscious.
“Son of a gundark,” she mumbled to herself and held onto her head. It was throbbing so hard she thought she might had just fell out of the sky.
Oh wait, I did just fall out of the sky, she thought to herself.
She removed her hand from her head and the tips of her fingers were covered in blood.
“Oh this just keeps getting better and better,” she mumbled to herself again. She crawled out of the torrent and tried to find her way to the cockpit.
Echo’s ship was wrecked. There was no repairing it. But apparently she wouldn’t need it anymore.
Stop thinking like that Ash!
Her twisted mind was tearing her apart inside. She loved sarcastic comebacks…but now was definitely not the time for those.
She finally found her way into the cockpit through the smoke and debris.
“Xiang?” she said, hoping it was loud enough. Xiang replied with a low grumble.
Ash followed the sound. In the cockpits seat she finally saw a bush of black hair hanging over the edge of the seat.
“Xiang!” she yelled and pushed her way to the front. He was lying scrunched between the pilot and co-pilot seat with his head twisted at an awkward angle. He was mumbling to himself ‘Echo’ over and over. She looked closer and saw his left arm clenched between a broken metal beam. Ash took out her lightsaber and sliced through the beam, releasing Xiang’s arm from its grip.
“You loser,” she said, giggling a little and pulled him free of the mess of pulled out wires and smoking cables.
“Ugh…you’re heavier than I thought,” she mumbled.
She managed to pull him out of the smoking ship and away into a small patch of trees nearby. Then she about dropped dead. She was exhausted and her head was killing her. Xiang finally came too next to her.
“What’d I miss?” he asked rubbing his head.
“I called you a loser.”
“Remind me to say a witty remark about that when my head isn’t splitting,” he said and lay back down on the ground. Ash wanted to lie down too, but they needed to get away from the crash sight. If the people firing at them really wanted them dead, they would be checking the crash sight within the hour.
“No time for rest, we have to get away from here,” she said and started to pull at Xiang’s arm.
“Do you know how bad my neck hurts right now?” he said.
“Just be glad you aren’t dead, okay? One person I know would be very happy to have a hurt neck right now instead of something else she’d experienced!”
“Hey, don’t be like that, okay? I’m getting up…see?” he said as he pulled himself to his feet.
“Good, now let’s go. I’d like to find the person that killed my sister before their gone forever. And if they do go, I want to make sure that their gone personally.”


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Crystalgirl29 on July 13, 2009, 1:26:14 AM

Crystalgirl29 on least they're not dead!:P

starwarsgeek on July 13, 2009, 1:30:51 AM

starwarsgeek on
starwarsgeekthat is a plus!! :)