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Chapter 26 - Endless Sacrifice

If you haven't read my first STAR WARS story, I WOULD NOT read this one cuz you won't know what in the crap is going on!! This is a continuation of my first story

STAR WARS belong to George Lucas...NOT ME!! *I wish*

Chapter 26 - Endless Sacrifice

Chapter 26 - Endless Sacrifice
She woke up and slowly opened her eyes. She was lying on a very small, uncomfortable cot. She slowly sat up and coughed. She still felt like that gas was inside of her. As soon as she coughed Kiro ran over to her bed side. She hadn't even seen him in the room.
"Where were you?" Ash said in a wheezy voice.
"Lying on the ground next to your bed," he said. "You've been coughing in your sleep for hours. Are you okay?"
"I don't feel okay if that's what you're asking," she said. “I can’t breath that well. I think it’s just an,” she paused a second to cough, “aftereffect from the gas.”
“I don’t think so Ash,” Kiro said. “I can breath just fine. You’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Your body could be telling you that it really needs a rest.”
Now that Ash thought about it, she was breathing pretty heavily and her chest hurt.
“I can’t rest Kiro,” she said in her wheezy voice. The more she talked the more it was harder too. “I have no idea where we are or why we’re here. We have to find a way out and help our friends.”
“The last time this happened you needed an emergency surgery. All you need to do is lay back on that bed and rest,” he said, easing her onto her back. Ash let him. She really didn’t feel good.
“I’d feel better if you stayed with me,” Ash said. “You don’t have to sit on the floor.”
“Good,” he said, getting up and sitting down on the bed with her. “I was getting tired of that rock solid floor.”
He lay down next to her and wrapped his arm under her head for a pillow. Ash could’ve laid there forever. It was almost a perfect situation…except for the part where she felt like she was dying, she had no idea where her friends are, she broke the silence every minute to cough, and she was worried to death about Echo.
She just then realized as she was laying there that she had barely ever told Echo that she had loved her. They were sisters and she never actually thought about telling her that. They were Jedi…they weren’t supposed to form personal attachments. But look at her right now. She was in love with Kiro.
Next time she saw Echo, she would tell her she loved her. A little sisterly love never hurt anybody. And if she knew Echo, that would mean a lot to her for Ash to tell her that.
Then Echo’s voice came into her head while she was resting.
Ash? Echo worried voice came into her head.
Echo! She almost screamed. She was so happy that they were okay. Your alive! What happened?
Well, we began to walk to the door, and I noticed the plants began to move. I knew I had to be loosing it or something. After that, we realized that there were people behind them, so we picked up the pace but we knew we couldn't make it.
Ambush? Why? This makes no sense…is anyone hurt? I felt someone get shot!
Patience. Someone shot at us, it missed. I grabbed Zuri and we fell to the ground because I didn't have my lightsaber. Xiang pulled out his and was amazing but then, there were too many...and we were in a closed space…and he...
He, what? Echo, is he alright? He is my friend too…I need to know. the shoulder. He isn't dead, but he is very weak. I feel so bad. After he fell I jumped up and forced his lightsaber to me and I did okay for a while but like Xiang I couldn't hold my position any longer. I got hit in the head by a flower pot. I didn't see it coming. No comments.
Ash felt so bad. She hadn’t gotten there even close enough to help them.
Echo…I’m sorry! That had to hurt! What happened to Zuri?
That’s what scares me...I don't know. I blacked out.
She must be in another chamber Echo. No need to worry, she’ll be fine.
I hope so. We must have hope. What happened to you guys? Are you all okay?
Ash sighed.
It depends what your definition of 'okay' is. We got locked out of the med center...
I got…uh...irritated. Let's just say we owe the med center some more creds to repair some damage.
Ash, what did you do?
I blew a hole in the wall, okay? No big deal.
Not again! You stupid nerf-herder! Oh, just forget it. Go on, Echo said. You could tell that she was shaking her head.
As I was saying, we caught up to you guys. Most people in the Med Center had already locked down the rooms and there was barely anyone in the halls. When we reached you, you were being dragged away by your feet. I got mad again.
Oh great... just what I wanted...You turning into me. We already have one to many mad Echo’s in the galaxy!
Okay, I didn't blow up anything this time! We didn't have our lightsabers. Kiro had left mine on the ship and apparently Blaze had stolen his. We were unarmed and we're lucky that we're alive, Ash said simply.
I'm confused. What happened? You saw us and...? You blew up? What? Echo asked, getting anxious.
It was a shootout. Me and Kiro both force-grabbed blasters to our hands and ducked for cover. We had to be careful though because they were using you and Xiang as shields.
Ash could feel Echo’s mouth drop.
Calm down! Ash said, trying to make her voice as soothing as possible. We barely even fired the blasters. There was too much at risk. Then I saw someone throw a grenade at us. I used the force to send it back the other way, but something weird happened. It just kept coming. There was another Force-sensitive in the crowd. I could feel them then. The grenade hit ground and gas filled the air. I was still too weak to use techniques to slow my breathing. I was afraid it might kill me. But Kiro wasn't, he was just distracted by the gas. Someone came up behind us and knocked us out. We were out numbered.
Are you breathing okay?
Not as good as I had hoped. Kiro thinks that I put too much stress on my body and now it’s finally catching up with me.
Well that's not unharmed! Echo almost screamed. I feel so bad, how do you plan to get out of here? Who’s even behind this?
I'm not entirely sure. This place seems a little too familiar to me though.
That's great. Just great. Why can't people just like you?
Their jealous, Ash said in a Kali voice.
Oh, I' m sure, Echo said but then got a little distracted. I think I may have answers to all our questions. The door is opening! Goopta mo Bossa, love you, be safe.
Echo broke the connection. Ash opened her eyes and felt a huge smile on her face. She turned over to Kiro and he was smiling at her.
“What?” she coughed.
“That smile…its hilarious!” he said giggling.
Ash smiled.
“You need to stop-“ Ash was cut off by her lungs. She coughed so loud Kiro’s smile turned to a frown. It felt like something was caught in her thought and wouldn’t come out.. Know every breath she breathed was a wheeze. Something was definitely not right.
Then she felt a reassuring presence in the Force giving her strength. It was coming from Kiro.
“Why?” she wheezed.
“Because I love you,” he said. “And I can’t just sit here and watch you suffer.”
Ash just smiled and laid back down in his arms. She couldn’t ignore the pain rising in her lungs and throat. Every few seconds now she coughed, but still…Kiro was helping her. She wasn’t wheezing as much anymore. At least she was getting air to her lungs.
She turned over and looked at Kiro.
“I wouldn’t be alive…if it wasn’t,” she wheezed.
“I don’t believe that,” he said. “Ash, you’re a million times stronger in the Force than I am. I’m sure you would find a way to live even if it killed you trying.”
“We did that once,” she said, remembered the time she had been infected by a deadly disease. “But that was more…you doing the thinking. You’ve…saved my life…so many times. If it wasn’t for you…I would’ve died on Geonosis.”
Kiro leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.
“That’s what I’m here for. Someone has to look out for you,” he said, smiling.
Just then they heard clicking down out in the hallway. 5 more guards came and opened the bar door. Kiro leaned up on his arm and looked at them.
“You’re coming with us,” the leader said.


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