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Chapter 1 - Survivors

Fire is deadly, Rain knows this from experience. Follow her as she becomes a Rebel Of The Fire

Chapter 1 - Survivors

Chapter 1 - Survivors

Uma: Hi peoples, this story is just a random idea that came into my mind.

Amu: Like all her other stories, random and clueless ideas.

Uma: Hey, at least I have ideas.

Amu: Well… I'm the smart one.

Uma: No… you're the evil one.

Amu: Just start the story.

Uma: Okay, but first, the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: If I owned Avatar: The Last Airbender, then Prince Zuko and Jet would be my pet monkeys, and Iroh would be drinking coffee instead of tea.

“speaking” `thinking' change of scene or p.o.v. ~flashbacks begins~ ~flashback ends~

Rebels Of The Fire




The one word that can destroy a village, a family, and a hope.

Here's how it started.

Three days ago, it seems so much longer than that though, the fire nation came, and destroyed my village. You see, my village was a base for earthbenders. We would heal many earthbenders, and all the other soldiers in the war. We thought that since earth kingdom warriors used our village as a base, we would be safe from the fire nation.

We were wrong, deadly wrong.

Barely anyone survived that fire.

Only a small group of children, some barely even able to walk, survived. Fortunately for us, I am a earthbender. I may not know everything to earthbending, but I know enough to protect everyone else. That's why we are all alive right now, instead of dead like everyone else.


Screaming, everyone was screaming in pain, in terror, in fright. Children were all running, trying to find their parents. I saw firebenders laughing while they were burning down the village, those monsters.

During all this, I was standing still, hardly believing any of this. That is, until I heard a voice, a voice that will haunt me forever.

“WAIN!!!!” It was my little brother, only 3 years old, he was trapped inside the hut, “WAIN HELP!!”

“I'M COMING RAY!!” I yelled back, I start running for hut, pushing people out of my way, that is until a solider grabbed me, and held me back from going inside the burning hut.

“Let go of me!!” I cried, “ My brother is still in there!”

“It's too late to save him,” The solider said, “ but you can still save them,” he pointed at all the other children hiding behind a rock near my burning hut.

“Lead them away from here,” he continued, “ there is another earthbending village about three days of traveling away, you should be safe there, now GO!!”

He pushed me toward the other children as a firebender shot out a ball of flame, killing the earthbender who saved me. The firebender was starting towards me, I thought about my instincts, flight or fight. The answer was easy, if I wanted to save those kids, and myself, I would have to take flight.

The firebender shot out two balls of flame. They almost hit me, but I made a wall of earth come up out of the ground to protect myself. Then I turned and ran. When I passed the kids hiding behind the rock, I yelled, “RUN!!”

They looked scared, very scared, but ran anyway. I lead them east, thinking that was the way to the village that the solider said we should go to.

~End Flashback~

We have been running for three days. We would run at night, slept at day, having the protectors keep guard. The protectors are what the younger children call Ruka, Niko, and myself. Ruka and Niko weren't part of the original group of kids that I took out of the village, but we meet them later on that fateful day.


“Hurry up!” I cried to the children. One of them has slowed down considerably, and now was about fifty feet behind us.

“I dan't wun wanywore!” he cried, then collapsed. Some of the little girls screamed, thinking that he was dead.

“He wied Wain!!” they were screaming at me, “ help wim Wain, you wot to make wim better!”

I jogged over to him, turned him over, and checked his pulse.

“Thank kami” I murmured to myself

“Don't worry, he's alive!” I told the other children who gathered around me

“Wain… I think that there is someone in the bushes.” Leak, a six year old boy, whispered, while pointing at the bushes, which were about ten feet away from us.

“Now, stay in a group, and if it might be enemies in the bushes, run, and don't look back. Head east to the village, you can get help there.”

My voice was stern; I didn't want the kids to die because something happened to me. I threw a rock into the bushes so whatever was hiding in there would have to come out. But what came out was something that we would never expect.


Uma: So what do you think of it?

Amu: Dark

Uma: Thank you ~bows~

Amu: me like the dark

Uma: thank you again ~curtsies~

Amu: The dark is cool

Uma: Okay, you are freaking me out now.

Amu: Good.

Uma: Well, here are the conditions for the next chapter, I must have at least 5 reviews. I don't care if it is just random numbers, letters, and symbols

Amu: for example- !S%ghrty%4782 b j ejtkwh4tn9ol4 46-`;.;]] fkygwrpm

Uma: I will probably find that funny, or a really long review or a short review, it doesn't matter, I just want `em

Amu: Greedy little horse, aren't we?

Uma: Yes, very greedy. ]:~P (devil sticking tongue out face.)

~Uma =^-^=

~Amu =^_^=


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