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Chapter 1 - Alchemy Test

erm, something i did when i was bored, a series of questions regarding Science and Alchemy. quiz yourself! its fun...i think....

Chapter 1 - Alchemy Test

Chapter 1 - Alchemy Test
1. What is Alchemy’s first law?

2. Draw a 3 different types of transmutation circles, and describe there purpose.

3. What are 14 properties of the human body?

4. Define the basic strength of a transmutation circle.

5. Inertia is a property of _____________

6. All is _____ and _______ is all.

7. Write the symbol’s for:

Alkaline salt
Copper Calcinate
Red Arsenic

8. Explain “a soldier chooses haste over cleverness”

9. Name 5 characteristics of copper:

10. copper is extracted from _______ such as _________

11. what composite of a human body, if changed, may able you to be resistant of harm?

12. What liquid evaporates at room temperature?


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