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Chapter 1 - A Dragon's Arrival

A crossover

Chapter 1 - A Dragon's Arrival

Chapter 1 - A Dragon's Arrival

Chapter1: A Dragon's Arrival

It was a day to remember in the Artisan Dragon's home. Dragons from the Peace Keeper, Magic Crafter, Beast Maker, Dream Waver, Spice Miner, Hunter and Islander lands were all here to see a sight. An ancient portal stood before them. Head Dragon Elder of the Artisans Tomas stood with 8 other Dragons in front of it. “We are here to see the 8 Dragon Heroes go through this portal to the forgotten land of the other side of this planet” bellowed Tomas. He then said their names. “Spyro, hero of Artisans, Devio, hero of Peace Keeper, Goffi, hero of Magic Crafter, Aquitis, hero of Beast Maker”. “Lenas, hero of Dream Wavers, Rinq, hero of Spice Miners, Jarjoo, hero of Hunters and Heeva, hero of Islanders”. Everyone cheered, as Tomas put in a light gem into the slot on the portal. “Be careful there and if you are separated, try and find another” said Tomas. “We will” said the Dragons. They went into the portal.

Meanwhile in Haven City, Jak just came back to the Undergrounds hideout. “Well Torn” said Daxter, the little Ottsel, “You o as”. “Well thanks” said Torn, angrily, continuing to read a document in front of him. “What is it” asked Jak. “Well, some scientists found an old arch thing at the Dig”. “So” said Daxter. “I'm getting to the point” said Torn, very angrily. “Well when it has some strange lizard cravings on it with wings”. “When they got it up, the thing lit up and 8 things glided out, flying to different places”. “Well” said Jak, interested. “Well, 3 of those things landed in the City and we still don't know what they are”. “So you want as to and find stuff out” said Jak. “As we always do” said Daxter.

Jak and Daxter approach where one of the flying things landed, out the front of the Baron's Palace. “Look at all those Krimzon Guards” said Daxter. “Lets get closer” said Jak. Sneaking up, they saw that people were quite away back and there were flames and dead guards everywhere. “Look” said Daxter. Next to the fountain were a lot of guards, fighting something. Looking closer, they could see a purple lizard with red bat wings, horns and spikes. It kept dodging the KG's (Krimzon Guard) attacks and when in range, shot flames out of its mouth. The flames seemed to go through were armour. After a while they managed to capture the creature and put it in a cage. Then a Lurker Transport came and took it to the fortress. “Lets save it” said Jak. “Are you crazy? You saw what it did to those guards” said Daxter. “Well the KG deserved it, it was probably defending itself and plus, it could be a good fighter for the underground” said Jak. “I don't know Jak, it looked dangerous, what if it got some disease” said Daxter. “Trust me” said Jak, jumping into a near by zoomer.

“Nice people” said Spyro, still in the cage. He was in the Fortress Prison and soon to be meeting a guy call Baron Praxis and another dork called Errol. Then, he heard foot steps. 6 guys appeared. 1 a big guy, in armour and carried a big sword. Another in a yellow and black suit with a face mask on his head. The others in red armour, like the guys I beat up earlier, he thought. “Well, if it isn't the purple thing that beat up those guards” said the big guy. “What's it to you dumb @$$” said Spyro. “Watch who your talking too, you little scaly idiot” said the other. “Some insult” said Spyro. “Well our little friend doesn't know who we are” said the big guy again. “Well your Bigfoot and his Dumb @$$” said Spyro. “Watch it” yelled the big guy. “I am Baron Praxis, leader of Haven City and this is Errol, Krimzon Guard commander” said the big guy. “So what am I doing here” asked Spyro. “I would like to know myself” said Praxis. “Well I and 7 other Dragons came through a portal thingy and I landed in Haven City” said Spyro. “Tell me, what are Dragon?” asked the Baron. “Big lizards with wings and breath fire, Bigfoot” said Spyro. “I like him, he is pig headed and strong, he might be useful” said the Baron, smiling. “I will come back later” said Praxis. “As you wish” said Errol. “See you Bigfoot… and you too Dumb @$$” shouted Spyro. “Watch it, you little idiot” yelled Errol. “He is a bad insulter” said Spyro, to himself.

“Jak, we can still back down” said Daxter, worried. “Don't worry, we have broken into the fortress many times, and gotten out too” said Jak. “Well, this time we will have a purple thing that breathes fire if you get to close to it, hopefully out of one end.” Said Daxter, still worried. “Let's go” said Jak. They snuck through without much trouble. They got to the prison. “Look in all the cells” said Jak. “Ekkkk, nothing in here except some dead guy” said Daxter. “I'm not dead” said an old voice. They looked in 6 more cells before they found something. “Look” cried Daxter. “Are you guards or are they doing tours of see the dragon” said Spyro. “Hey, I do the jokes around here” said Daxter, angrily. “Would you 2 be quiet” said Jak. “Are you broken me out” said Spyro. “Well, we could leave you in there” said Daxter. “I'm Jak and he's Daxter and yes, we are breaking you out” said Jak. A few minutes later, they were sneaking off, as 4 guards came in. They managed to get out of the prison and took a nearby flyer. “Come with us” said Jak.


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