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Chapter 3 - An old friend, or two

A crossover

Chapter 3 - An old friend, or two

Chapter 3 - An old friend, or two

Chapter 3: An old friend, or two

A quick ride through the city, dodging KG and also other things that may be after them, Jak, Daxter and Spyro got to the entrance of the Pumping Station. “Sig and Jarjoo must be in Haven Forest if Krew sent us to here” said Jak. “Well, he usually does” said Daxter. “What enemies are in the Pumping Station” said Spyro, curious. “There are strange frog-lizards, crocodiles with long tongues and (shudder) Metal Heads” said Daxter. “What are metal heads” said Spyro, interested. “Oh, you will find out” said Jak. They when through the entrance to the Pumping Station. They started walking along the sandy beach to the cliffs. “According to Krew, the “treasure” is up there” said Jak looking up. All three looked up and saw that the cliff was about 100 metres up. “Should I fly up there” said Spyro. “Ok, you fly, me and Daxter will climb up on those pipes” said Jak. As Spyro flew up, Jak started climbing. I hope this wasn't a waste of time thought Jak as he climbed. “Arr Jak, look down” said Daxter. Looking down, he saw metal heads swarming. They looked like giant brown lizards covered in metal scales, their skull gems imbedded deep in their heads. They got to the top quicker with the metal heads behind them. “Why the rush” said Spyro. “Metal heads” gasped Jak, punting for breath. “Well” said Spyro, “Did you know they can climb”. “What!” said Daxter. Both he and Jak looked over. The metal heads were climbing up the cliff, digging their claws into the rock as if it was foam. “I will keep them back, you find the treasure” said Spyro, inhaling. In one second he turned around and a fire ball shot out of his mouth and hit the closest metal head, scorching its flesh. “Okay” said Jak, both he and Daxter looking around. About 5 minutes later, Spyro cried. “Hurry up, there are too many for me”. “I found something” yelled Daxter. “Okay, let's go” said Jak. Just then, a metal head climbed up. But before he's hind foot got up, Jak pulled out his gun, switched it to blaster mode and shot it. It fell and knocked a couple of metal heads off too. “How are we going to get down” cried Daxter. “Quick, hang on to me” said Spyro. Both Jak and Daxter grabbed Spyro as he lifted off, with a couple of metals head just over the top of the cliff. They landed hard on the ground.

“Quick, let's hide” said Jak. They jumped into the nearby bushes. It looked like the Metal heads were more brawn than brains and a few crush landed in front of the bushes. “I think there gone” said Jak. They looked around and then got out of the bushes. “So, what is it” asked Spyro, looking at the thing. Jak looked at it, remembering he had it. It looked like orb covered in gold spots and what looked like a slot or a hole on one side. “I wonder what it's for” said Jak, puzzled. “Knowing Krew, anything bad or dangerous” said Daxter. “Hey, look, flames” said Spyro, looking over the plateau. They could all see the light of the flames just over the tops of the trees. They ran to it. On a cliff above that ever it was, they all hid behind a rock and looked over. There was a crashed Krimzon Guard hellcat cruiser and a couple of Metal heads around it. Jak saw someone hiding under it. “Hay you guys, look, someone is hiding there” said Jak to Daxter and Spyro. Then they all jumped over the cliff.

In a few minutes that seemed like seconds, the metal heads were all dead. “You can come out now” said Jak. “I would if I could” said a familiar voice. They walked over to the hellcat and Jak lifted a hunk of metal off of it. There was Ashlin, with cuts all over her and a leg trapped under a bit of metal. “It's too heavy for me” said Ashlin, nodding at her trapped leg. “Allow me” said Daxter. Ashlin and Jak rolled their eyes at the same time. Daxter tried to lift it. “Maybe you should use a jack or gym lessons” said Spyro. Jak then lifted it. “Or him” said Ashlin. Jak helped her up. “Can you walk” said Jak. “Badly” said Ashlin. They started walking for the entrance back to the city. “So what were you doing” said Jak. “Well if you should know, my father is looking for the dragons” said Ashlin. “O great I wanted by Bigfoot” said Spyro. “Join the club” said Daxter. “Why” said Jak to Ashlin. “I don't know; something bad” said Ashlin. “Well he once had me and if I know Jarjoo, he wont go down easily, or seen for a matter of fact” said Spyro. They then heard a movement in the bush. Both Jak and Ashlin pulled out their guns.

“Put those away man and woman” said a voice. Then a blue dragon with webbed feet and webbed spikes going down his back came out. “Heeva” said Spyro. “Spyro, I've been here long time man” said Heeva. “What wrong with woman” said Heeva. “Bad leg” said Ashlin, coldly. What have you been doing here” said Jak. “Keeping away from those big glow heads and red flying thing man” said Heeva. “Are you a coward” said Daxter. “No, not like you man, we Islander Dragons are lazy and don't like fighting” said Heeva. “Well let's go before…” said Jak cut off. About 50 or 60 Metal heads were coming right at them. “I can't fight like this” said Ashlin. “I take woman to safety” said Heeva. “And what leave us here to deal with them” said Daxter. “Not all of them” said Jak. He pulled out his gun, switched it to Peacemaker mode and shot the metal bridge above them. It collapsed on top of most of the Metal heads, the other running in fear. “What showed them” yelled Daxter. “Now let's go” said Jak. They got to the entrance of the city. “Jak, you can't come with me” said Ashlin. “But how will you get to the palace as you are” said Jak. “I will go with her man” said Heeva. “Okay” said Ashlin, putting her injured leg on Heeva's back. “I will get a stick for you” said Jak, smiling. Ashlin smiled back.


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