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Chapter 4 - a dragon with the enemy

A crossover

Chapter 4 - a dragon with the enemy

Chapter 4 - a dragon with the enemy
Chapter 4: A dragon with the enemy

Ashlin got out of the speeder. She looked to make sure Heeva came out. He was a big help to her before a Krimzon guard got her a speeder. They started walking up the place steps. Holt said a KG. Why said Ashlin. That blue thing said his partner. What blue thing man, I dont see anything blue. There, you idiot said the other. He is with me said Ashlin coldly. The guards backed down as soon as she said he. She and Heeva walked in. They and 2 other guards walked into the elevator. What with red armour mans said Heeva. They just guard things, badly said Ashlin, saying it loudly so the KG guards hear. Hey, I can guard something with my eyes closed said the bigger KG. O, so thats why when you saw those Metalheads coming at you when you were meant to guard the Baron, you ran and hid in a bush said the littler, idiot one. Shut up, or I will, R, &, do something, R, bad said the other. Heeva and Ashlin were halfway up the lift while the KG kept arguing.

Follow me, and keep close said Ashlin when the elevator stopped. He followed her to the throne room, passing servants who wet their pants when they saw a dragon, even a lazy Islander dragon. They entered the throne room. Up ahead, on the throne, was Baron Praxis. He looked at Ashlin, then at the dragon, when at the dragon again, at Errol, who looked like he too as wetting himself, at his gun, it to was wetting itself, at Ashlin again, who was not wetting herself and then at the dragon. Where did you find that said the Baron. In the trash, o where do you think said Ashlin. Well, lets put it down said Errol, now wetting himself. Put who down man said Heeva. It can talk like the other said the Baron. I can do other things as well, but I am too lazy said Heeva. Well, lets kill it and then the scientists can study its corpse said Errol. Praxis got his gun. Ahhh, its wet again he yelled, wiping it on Errol and aimed. Wait dad, let me keep it said Ashlin, a bit worried. Why said the Baron. I will keep him and put him under my protection said Ashlin. And he will do what I ask she also said. Yes, woman said Heeva. Well said the Baron, It will be better than your old dog. You ran my dog over said Ashlin angrily.

They left and when to go to the fort. They passed the KG guards. Well I saw you wet yourself when that Lurker gave you a fish said the Big Guard. He was trying to bite my arm said the idiot one. O would you shut up, its been an hour already said Ashlin. Ha, she must be an idiot said the small one. Why said the big one. Well, whats an hour, some ladys product he said.


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toadragon on August 29, 2006, 5:57:25 PM

toadragon on
toadragonWhat the hell is with the squares, not full stps or other things on my 4th chapter