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Chapter 1 - Naruku's trap

This fiction is about pain: physical and mental alike. Not so much gore. Be warned: sexual abuse and angst. Not for sensitive readers. Reposted.

Chapter 1 - Naruku's trap

Chapter 1 - Naruku's trap

Kikyos voice resounded more than had she screamed from the very mountains. Her arrow was already glowing of her miko powers and her eyes were fixed at the spider hanyou before her. Naraku smiled a grim smile. Kikyo fired her arrow and it hit, shredding Narakus flesh apart but not killing him. Kikyo hissed when she was hit by foul miasma and Kagome rushed to her side.

“Look out, Kikyo!”

Kagome puryfied the miasma by touching it and pulled Kikyo backwards. Naraku had already begun to grow back, just as he had done so many times already. Kagome worried her bottom lip. This couldn't go on, they would soon be out of arrows! But if she and Kikyo did not distract Naraku, he would aid the yokai attacking Sango, Kirara, Miroku and Shippou. At the same time, without her friends keeping the other yokai at bend, Kagome and Kikyo wouldn't even be as close to Naraku as they were.

//And we wouldn't have been in this situation if Inuyasha hadn't believed the fake monk who told him Kikyo was hurt and dying! He told me he wouldn't run to her, and I said he would. How ironic. He would have found her if he had just stayed with me.// Kagome thought, her mind trying to protect her from going insane by fear.

Facing Naraku scared everyone, even the bravest, so it was natural for the mind to flee the situation at hand. But Kagome did not want to think about Inuyasha and wether he would come or not either. It made her waver, and there was no time to waver now.

“Kikyo, we must attack at the same time. Perhaps our powers combined can put him at bay long enough for us to find the Shikon no Tama.”

“I do not want to fight alongside you.”

Kagome gazed into Kikyos eyes to understand why she would say that. They were going to get killed, didn't Kikyo know? But Kagome understood as her brown eyes met bluegrey ones. They were after all the same soul, even if personallity and circumstances had made them so different from one another. Kagome smiled, the sad smile that had become a part of her instead of the big, hearty one she used to have so long ago.

“I wish there was a way for us not to do this, too. But we must defeat Naraku.”

Kikyo nodded and pulled away from Kagome. There was too many dark feelings between them for them to ever be able to enjoy each others company. They loved the same man for one, and he seemed to love them both in different ways, making them both envy what the other had. Kagomes precense made it impossible for Kikyo to be with Inuyasha as she wished: the two of them joined in death, locked in the beautiful memories of what once was. Kikyos precense made it impossible for Kagome to ever be with Inuyasha as more than friend. However, for this moment, for the task at hand, the mikos would lay their dark emotions aside and work together. Naraku. In all emotions they shared or did not share, they were at least completely agreed in hating Naraku.

“You attack from that side. We must try to shatter him as much as possible, striking him from two ways.”

Kagome nodded at Kikyos suggestion. Two arrows at the same spot would accomplish nothing. Naraku had almost pulled all of himself together, so Kagome made a run for it. They would still have time if she was fast enough. Kikyo remained where she was. She was to be the target, the distraction so that Kagome would get those last seconds to aim. Kikyo drew her bow, her aim steady.

Inuyasha cursed himself over and over while leaping through the forrest.

// Baka! Bakabakabaka, how could I fall for the same stupid trick again?! //

The group was closing in to Naraku when a passing monk had told them of a strong miko that had been badly injured in a battle. She was now on her death bed, surronded by silvery spirits with long tails. Inuyasha knew that had to be Kikyo. It couldn't be anyone else but Kikyo. If she was dying, he needed to go to her, but... He hesitated. Kagome didn't.

"Go check on her Inuyasha. You know you have to."

Kagome had been smiling saying that. Feeling relieved, Inuyasha left. It was not until now, several hours later - several hours too late - Inuyasha realised that Kagomes smile had been filled with sadness and resigned acceptance, as if she was saying goodbye with that smile.
Sango once asked Inuyasha if he would go after Kikyo if Kagome sent him off with a smile. Now he knew the answer, and he also knew that had been the wrong thing to do. He had left Kagome alone yet again, abandonned her, even when he knew they were close to Naraku - even when he knew that Naraku wanted to take Kagome away from them - or kill her. And he had left anyway, thinking only of Kikyo. Was Naraku just waiting for him, ready to gloat? Inuyasha could see it, Naraku laughting, Inuyashas dead friends at his feet - a girl with ebony hair and school uniform lifeless on the ground, her eyes never shining again, her lips never smiling...

// No, Kagome lives! Kagome must live! //

With his heart aching and his body covered in sweat Inuyasha screamed, trying to reach her ears despite the distance.


------------------------------------------------------------- -----


Sango yelled and let go of her giant boomerang made of demon bones. It sliced several of the lower yokai before it returned to her strong grip. Kirara the loyal neko yokai followed the attack up, lessing the number of yokai furthermore. But killing ten only allowed yet another ten to come closer, and it seemed there was no end to them. Miroku was prepaired to put up a barrier whenever Sango gave sign. That would be their last resort. In the meantime, he used his holy magic to defeat his enemies, his kazaana worthless here since Narakus poison bees was present. They were everywhere these days. Shippo used his foxfire to keep the yokai on the northern flank at bay. Miroku could see that the small kitsune was very frightened and nearly exhausted, but they had to continue to fight. Kagome and Kikyo were on ahead, facing Naraku. They couldn't allow this swarm to head on there as well. That would be the end of the two mikos.

// Not that it's likely they will survive anyway. But if we're lucky, they might hurt Naraku enought to be defeated by someone else at least! //

Miroku ducked and Sangos hiraikotsu passed over his head, slicing a yokai that had been sneaking up behind him. He tried to focus on the fight again. Shippo ran to his side, too tired to keep the yokai at a distance.

“Inuyasha no baka! Why isn't he here?” Shippo yelled in a high-pitch voice.

// One can wonder. // Miroku thought when he slashed through three demons at once only to face yet another five.


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