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Chapter 4 - whatever!

This fiction is about pain: physical and mental alike. Not so much gore. Be warned: sexual abuse and angst. Not for sensitive readers. Reposted.

Chapter 4 - whatever!

Chapter 4 - whatever!
Naraku was touching her again. Kagome felt sour bile rise in her throat and did her best to swallow. Previous experiences told her very well Naraku wouldn't remove the gag, not if he was certain she could swallow it. And Naraku was certain Kagome could swallow anything rising in her throat. So Kagome did her best to stop it from coming into her mouth; once there it would be harder. It was a wonder she still had anything in her stomach as it was. How many days had it been? Three? Four?

As if on cue, Naraku let go of her naked breasts and responded to her throughts.

"Five days, little miko... Tell me, how long do you think your body will hold up?"

Narakus voice. Kagome really hated it, hated him, hated his touch, his very being. It was the first time she ever truly hated someone and she didn't like it a bit. Even in her worn out state Kagome didn't want to be someone hateful. Prying her eyes ope, Kagome found Naraku standing close to her, undressed again. He had not taken her virginity as of yet...

//Maybe he can't?//

"Why's that, miko? Because I haven't?"

Kagome shut her eyes tight when Naraku pushed two fingers in between her legs. She was dry and it hurt like hell; the only comfort being that she was too exhausted to be devoured by the pain. Kagome didn't even try to scream anymore. There was no energy left for that. She just let her body relax as much as possible, trying not to think of the assaults, but Narakus hated voice forced her to.

"If I can penetrate you with one part of my body, then why not another?"

By now Kagome was so utterly pained, spent and tired that she didn't even care.

//So he can take me, good for him. I just want to rest. I want to be with Inuyasha!//

Naraku forcefully grabbed Kagomes hair and banged her head against the wall while pushing his fingers violetly up inside her.

"Haven't you learned, miko? HE WON'T COME! He chose Kikyo, not you!"

Kagome felt her tears fall again. The pain of his hands was too much and she almost welcomed the scenery that took display on her inner sight yet again: Inuyasha screaming, shielding Kikyo, covering her body to safety, leaving Kagome herself to be stabbed, kidnapped, tortured...

//NO!! I won't fall for that again!//

Kagome flung her eyes open and glared darkly at Naraku, hating that disgusting smile of his.

//You dispecable person! That wasn't Inuyasha!// Kagome thought, trying to pierce Naraku with eyes and words.

Naraku snickered.

"What makes you think it wasn't him? You know he'd pick Kikyo over you any day."

//Even so, Inuyasha would never let me suffer like this! This is all your doing, not his!//

"Ah, that beautiful hate of yours..." Naraku pulled back, his fingers still within her.
"Tell me, do you think Inuyasha and Kikyo are in a similar position right now?"

Kagome felt all of her emotions, all her sense of feeling go numb for the longest second in her life, before returning in shape of flaming, scorching FURY! It wasnt, as Naraku certainly intinded, because of the thought of Inuyasha and Kikyo together like that, but the NERVE of Naraku to suggest that Inuyasha would such a thing! To suggest that he was some kind of selfish being, prioritizing lust before life, enjoyment to responsibility. To let what he craved go before DUTY --- To say such a thing about INUYASHA; who was willing togo to hellbecause that was the right thing to do! Kagome could hear herself make a blunt human growl even through the gag.

//How DARE you think so low of him?! How DARE you??//

Naraku snickered and began:
“Why, Kagome, miko...”

//Don't say my frackING name!// Kagome thought-screamed, sounding almost like Inuyasha talking to Kouga.

Naraku was to continue when his eyes suddenly widened in realisation. They were surrounded by a faint, pink glow despite the miasma in Kagomes wound, despite Narakus foul precense. Kagome used her inner mucles and held onto Narakus fingers inside of her not letting him go during those two fragmets of a second she needed before her whole world became purifying pink.

//NO! This can't happen when she's filled with miasma... she should be dying!//

That was Narakus last thought before pure, piercing and burning miko energy engulfed him and his whole castel, leaving only barren ground where the illusion of a castle once were. There were no minions, no low yokai, no other of Narakus servants there. If there had been, they were definately gone now. A naked, staggering and blood-stained figure could be seen in the spoiled soil, the one visible surviver. Kagome managed to let her eyes graze around briefly, searching for her foe. Finding litterary nothing, she whispered hoarsely:

“Haha, I purifyed your @$$.”

That was all she could do before giving in to the pain. Kagome didn't even feel the impact when she fell.

Miles away, Sesshoumaru turned towards the sudden stir in the air. There was a rapid change in the wind's scent twice, and the first change brought the hated stench of -


Sesshoumaru uttered his enemy's name in a low voice before he headed on towards the source. Naraku had created Kagura and many other yokai. He was strong; therefore he would be defeated. But worse, he had ordered for Rin to be kidnapped. If it was something Sesshoumaru didn't like it was when people took liberty with what concerned HIM. He had not been very happy to hear about the shattering of Tetsusaiga either. The imp Jaken and Rin, who sat secuerly upon Ah-Un, simply stared after him before they snapped out of it.

“Matte, Sesshoumaru-sama!”

”Matte, Sesshoumaru-sama!”

Since they hadn't been stricktly forbidden to follow and they could still see him, Sesshoumarus loyal companions were soon on his heels.

_________________________________________________________________ __________

Even further away, Miroku suddenly harkend to some kind of silent signal with a “Huh!” and stopped in his tracks. Inuyasha and Shippo didn't notice; both of them were about to worry sick over Kagome and their focus were astray. Sango, however, rarely let houshi-sama slid out of her focus completely and she was quickly by his side.

“Houshi-sama, what is it?”

“A great burst of spiritual power, just now, straight ahead of us. I've never felt it's like before!”

Sango squinted her eyes as if trying to see what Miroku could feel.

“Can it be Kikyo-sama?”

Miroku seemed uncertain.

“It doesn't feel like-“

Miroku abruptly silenced himself when Inuyasha let out a low growl, sniffing the breeze drifting their way almost violently.

“Naraku! I smell Narakus foul stench in the wind!” Inuyasha let out though gritted teeth.

Inuyasha snapped his gaze ahead, same direction from where the miko energy came.

“It's there! He's there!”

“Is he close, Inuyasha?” Shippo eagerly asked while jumping onto Inuyashas shoulder, trying to get a whiff off or see their opponement. Sango and Miroku dashed to their side. Sango let out a quick:


“Yes. Inuyasha, I felt a miko's power coming from there only seconds ago!”

“But now the scent's gone! It was only there for a second or so!”

Miroku knew Inuyasha was afraid of being sidetracked and by scent, he could be. But that miko power...

“We have no time to hesitate, Inuyasha! Someone linked to Naraku is there along with a powerful miko. Let's hurry there before they disappear!”

Inuyasha stood frozen for a moment while Miroku and Sango jumped up on the now transformed Kirara, Sango with hiraikotsu on her back and Miroku with Kagomes yellow bag on his back.

//What if it's a trap? What if Kagome's the other way?//

Fear nestled its way into Inuyashas mind, but in the end, it was the thought of Kagome dying because he couldn't make a descition that made it. Making sure Shippo was securely clutched to his shoulder, Inuyasha leapt ahead.

“Keh, standing here won't get us anywhere!” he shouted over his shoulder, trying to pretend to still be leader of the pack.

However, Inuyasha knew better himself. He was less of a fighter without Kagome, everyone knew that. But it was more than that. He felt insecure without her nearby, especially so when he knew she might be in danger. And this time she most certainly was in danger. So who could blame him for not being able to be the leader? KAGOME WAS MISSING, so who could expect him to pull his shoot together anyway?

//Kagome could...// A small piece of Inuyashas mind answered that.

Inuyasha made a sound in his throat and fixed his gaze far on ahead. That was true. Kagome expected him to function anyway. Kagome needed him to pull this through, so Inuyasha fell back on an old trick of his.

He spoke to Kagome in his mind.

//Five days... five fracking days, Kagome! Are you still alive? Keh,' course you are! You just wait there for me, you hear that? Just wait. I'll kill him for hurting you!//


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