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Chapter 1 - Slade

there is a new bad guy who is destined to kill one of the monks. she's even willing to kidnap kimiko to get to him (clay/kim story)

Chapter 1 - Slade

Chapter 1 - Slade

Carla and Kimiko were singing random songs under a tree it was a quite sunny day and everyone was outside Mace was playing random board games with Omi. Then the sky turned black this is most strange. Said Omi and Mace check mate. A strange figure emerging from the clouds there was fog every where. When the fog and the dark sky cleared the strange figure and Kimiko was gone. How can that be she was here just a second ago? Said Carla she grabbed a thing from her pocket.
What is that? asked Raimundo
a tracking device I put trackers on every one incase we get separated. She said shes in a cave on an uncharted island.

Carla grabbed the silver manta ray and told every one she was driving she sped to the uncharted island where they were greeted by a young woman. I sense this woman has no intention of helping. Said Phoenix girls this is where we come in.
The girls wasted no time in transforming.

== The island dungeon ==

Why am I here. Asked Kimiko in a angry tone
You are not leaving until my trap works. Said a woman her red eyes gleaming in the candle light.
Trap? Kimiko asked why am I bait?
Well one of the monks must die and you are going to lead me to him.
I cant tell you but Ive been watching you two for a long time. The woman dug her nails into Kimikos cheek causing it to bleed.
==the island ==

The elemental sisters tried every power they had on the young woman until she told them where Kimiko was. Carla checked if what the woman was saying was true and it was. They ran to the dungeon they had to go down a long winding stair case.

== Dungeon ==
If its Raimundo you want to kill then go ahead. Said Kimiko
Its not him or the cheese ball. Said the woman oh how rude of me I havent introduced my self I am Slade Im destined to kill one particular person with the element of earth.
no! she shouted tears spilling from her eyes you cant kill him.
I must. Said Slade if I dont kill Clay my destiny isnt fulfilled.
That doesnt make it ok. Kimiko shouted what if it was my destiny to kill someone you love?
Thats not the point little girl. She paused when she heard footsteps Ill be back in a second.
Kimiko hoped to be set free soon so she could warn Clay. The others got to the bottom of the stair case going somewhere? asked Slade I knew youd come to save Kimiko. Roxy kicked Slade
I heard everything you said. Said Roxy and you are not killing anyone without a fight
H-how? Stammered Slade
I can read thoughts. Roxy replied childishly and I kill evil.
Elemental kiss. The girls shouted using their elements to hurt Slade when she was out cold they ran into the heart of the dungeon Clay ran over to Kimiko who was chained to the wall Clay! she shouted happily
Wheres the key? asked Clay.
Over there. She replied pointing at the key. Clay grabbed the key and undid the metal thingies at Kimikos wrists an feet she nearly fell but Clay caught her and kissed her on the cheek that werent bleeding and carried her back to the island. I never thought Id see daylight again. She said in the silver manta ray and she hugged Clay.

The end


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