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Chapter 1 - Mysterious Creature

Idk what to put this story in a category...Sorry -_-

London and Kenny were dragged by a mysterious creature that appear in a hole kenny saw and landed in a place called Haven City

Chapter 1 - Mysterious Creature

Chapter 1 - Mysterious Creature
I don't own kenny,just london

Kenny belongs to my sister

It was a rainy day in a city,London and Kenny were at her house

Kenny: *playing video games*

London: *looking out the window,seems bored*

Kenny: *loses* Aw man,i lost *looks at her* Bored?


Kenny:Oh.....Hey,let's go on a mission



London:Because it's raining today,I don't wanna get wet

Kenny:Is that your weakness

London: *gives him the look*

Kenny:0_0....So what do we do now besides the mission?


Kenny: *see's a book* Hey,there's a book we can tell stories

London:Eh idk

Kenny:Come on!If you don't i'll make you *he gives her a noogie*

London:Hey,quit it!

Kenny:Not until you say it

*all of a sudden they hear a noise*

Kenny:What was that?

London:It's just the sound of thunder,Or probably coming in one of the rooms.Go check it out

Kenny:Alrighty then *does so,he checks in one of the room but he see's a hole in a wall* Huh?Hey london come in here

London:What is-- *see's a hole* It?

Kenny:What's a hole doin in a wall?

London:How should I know

Kenny:Im just ask-- *gets hit* OW!What was that for?!

London: *snickers,then see's a hand coming out of the wall* Huh?

Kenny:What? *looks* GWAH

*a mysterious creature comes out of a wall*

Kenny: *screams a lil* What is that?!

London:Idk but im goin to destory it

*Before she does that,the creature grabs kenny*


London:Kenny!You put him down right now

*looks at her,growls and grabs her too*

London:Argh,let go of me

*doesn't listen to her,jumps in a hole while grabbing her and Kenny*



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