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Chapter 2 - Confession of Love, The Death of Sam? (Part 1)

You know...just for when I want to randomly write something...maybe something on my mind. *shrugs*

Chapter 2 - Confession of Love, The Death of Sam? (Part 1)

Chapter 2 - Confession of Love, The Death of Sam? (Part 1)
   The sun was beting down ovrhead, yet the air was frigid; letting no light warm the cold surface of the earth.  A young man was rushing by on the sidewalk, eager about something or another. A stainless white jacket was buttoned up securley to the upper portion of his body, and barely showing underneath was a blood-red shirt. As he jogged slightly, huffing in the cold air, his black colored bangs flew around in his face, along with a bright red scarf beating agaist his back. His cheeks were slightly pink and his shining green eyes looked cool like the earth surrounding him.
   "I've got to hurry," he whispered to himself. The goggles strapped to his head slowly began to slid forward into his eyes from the wind. He sighed and jeked them back on to their rightful place. "But..." his steps hastily stopped as his gaze casted to the ground, "but who will I ask?" He looked back up in thought and continued on, walking this time. "If I ask Vikki, Lane will murder me. If I ask Kiva..."  he smiled slightly and thought of the blue-eyed girl. He slowly brought his hand up and ran his fingers through his chocolate brown hair all the way down through his ash black bangs. "Kiva," his thoughts beat inside his mind.
   "Hey, Sam!" 
   The boy looked up, breaking his thought and stared at the girl running towards him, followed by a taller boy telling the girl to wait.
   "Oh, Vikki, Lane. Hey," Sam mumbled loud enough for the two to hear.
   "So?" Vikki said in a high pitched voice, "Who are you asking to the dance? You know this is the biggest dance ever! Only the finest ninja are going to be there." She smiled over at Lane and then took his hand.
   "Well, it's not going to be you," Sam thought to himslef as he timidly looked into Lane's deep brown eyes. "I...I" Sam studdered nervously. He looked at the young blonde and eyed her large hazel eyes. "Well," he began with a more firm voice than before, "I was thinking of..." he stopped to lower his voice level, "I'm going to ask Kiva."
   Lane smiled at Sam with a look of satifaction. "Really now?" He said with a hint of doubt to his friend's plan. "Are you sure you'll actually have the guts to do it?"
   Sam lowerd his gaze, but glard upward at the tall brunette. "Yes," he grumbled, "Of course I'll go through with this. I...I love her." Sam's heart seemed to stop within him. "Love her..." The words beat over and over inside him like a penny being thrown into an empty cave.
  "Whoah, Sam," Vikki had a look of worry in her eyes and the leaned slightly forward to get a full look at Sam. "Are you sure you're ready to say you love her? I mean...that's a huge step that no one can take lightly."
   Sam knew she was right. It was nothing to take lightly as a joke, or not to be a certain decision. To love someone was meaning you were ready to sacrifice everything and anything for them. Ready to spend the rest of your life with them no matter what happed. "But  you always say that you love is it any different if I say that I love Kiva?"
   Vikki looked at him with a hint of defeat in her face. She remained silent and looked staright forward.
   "That's because," Lane began, "I we actually do love eachother. There is no doubt anywhere. You've even seen it for yourself."
   "Ya, like when I caught you two making out?" Sam cut in with a moking tone.
   Lane looked hatefully serious at Sam. His eyes seemed to have a glowing red tint in them, and the air became slightly cooler around us. "No...the fact that countless times she's saved my life. She showes me love that way, the fact that she's awlways beside me, and that..." he closed his eyes and the air suddenly became warmer as he held on Vikki's hand tighter, "and that she already agreed to marry me."
   Sam's eyes grew wide and he stopped abruptly. "I knew about all those things...all except the last one," he thought with shock, "she...she agreed to already? Does she know what kind of commitment she made? Does Lane know what kind of commitment he made?"
   Lane seemed to have read Sam's expressions and answered his spinning thoughts. "Yes...we both know what we were saying..and meant every word of it."
   Sam smiled and began walking ahead. "Well then," he said with a slight choak. He held his head back , trying to stop the tears from flowing down his flushed cheeks. He looked behind him at his two friends and smiled widely. "Well then," he repeated while spinning images of the times he had saved Kiva, the times she had saved him, the time that Vikki had told him what Kiva thought about him, that same kiss in the pitch-black from the blue-eyed girl, "I mean it, too."

(End Part1)


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TallestPurple on February 1, 2008, 7:49:35 AM

TallestPurple on
TallestPurpleI love this chapter, Vikkeh <33 You write such great sories ;D I'll be waiting for the next part ^0^

Irken_Akire on January 31, 2008, 6:06:45 AM

Irken_Akire on
Irken_AkireOoo...Nice first chapter Vikki! Cant wait to see what happens next!