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Chapter 3 - Confession of Love, The Death of Sam? (part 2)

You know...just for when I want to randomly write something...maybe something on my mind. *shrugs*

Chapter 3 - Confession of Love, The Death of Sam? (part 2)

Chapter 3 - Confession of Love, The Death of Sam? (part 2)
(sorry, I'm putting this story from my perspective now...)

Rain dropped from my window and I sighed, looking into the deep colored sky. "I wonder why it began raining all of a suuden?" I mumbled to myself. I yawned and stretched my arms out. "It's making me really tired." I then stood up and walked into the kitchen and open the fridge widely, being engulfed with the cold air the ejected happily from it. I reached into it and pulled out a container filled with a dark brown fizzy soda. "Ahhh," she sighed happily and brought the bottle close to my mouth as if to kiss it, "Dr.Pepper. The best thing ever!"
There was a loud knocking at her door and I heard Lane calling her name eagerly.
I ran quickly to the door and swung it open revealing Lane standing in the rain, small droplets dripping off his body. "Oh, Lane, come in now! You'll get yourself sick!"
"No, no," he mumbled and walked in, "I'm fine, but here," Lane handed me a letter elegently embrioded with a golden lace pattern. I flipped it over and ripped the envelope with my fingernail and gently removed the paper that rested within, so careful no not harm it at all. "It's from the...the Ninja Tripudio hosts," I whispered in slight disbeleife, "What do need of me?"
"Just keep on reading!" Lane said happily and very eagerly for that matter.
My eyes skimmed through everything, then my eyes caught a veary sinificant sentence where they were asking a very important thing of me and some others. I let out an excited scream and dropped the letter as soon as I finished reading what the hosts had written to me. "They want us to perform during the dance, Lane! Me, you, Sam, Kiva, and even Abeo all together!" I hugged him tightly and felt adreniline pumping through me. Now the last thing I needed was that Dr.Pepper, but I opened it and drank some anyways.
"I love you," Lane wispered in my ear, then began laughing at how hyper I had become even in the weather condition, and smiled warmly at the fact that I wouldn't let him go even though her was soaking wet.

Sam sighed and fipped onto his stomach on his bed. He lazily stared at the clocked then glaned over at his large window and closed his eyes. "Gloomy day, and a boring one for that matter. So bored!"
"Well, then call one of your friends and have them over, brother," Sai said cooly then stood up and threw the phone to his older brother. "Maybe you can have Lane, Vikki, and Kiva here." The Sai left the room with a smile and a wave.
Sam then stared at the black phone in his hand, not knowing what he wanted to do with it. He hand seemed to shake as he began to dile my house phone. ___

Ring ring! Ring ring!
"I've got it!" I shouted loudly.
"Not if I get it first!" Abeo shouted back leaping off the stares. He grabbed me around the waist and lifted me into the air. "Hello?" He said, smirking at me with his childish victory. "Yes. She's right here," Abeo lowered me down to the ground and handed me the phone. "It's for you. Sam's on," he said softly then sat over on the loveseat.
"Yes?" I answered. There was a pause. "I guess we can. No I don't think Lane would Abeo has work to do. Kiva? Oh!!! Really? Oh, sorry, sorry. Okay, we'll be over soon. And yes, we'll keep dry. Thank you, Sam. Bye."
"So, What's up?" Lane asked me, taking the phone and placing it back where it had originally been.
"We're going over to Sam's. He has nothing to do and is bored. He's also having Kiva over," I said with a smile.
"Alright, you two keep dry, okay?" Abeo said, standing up swiftly with the letter I had received in his pale hand.
Lane and I both nodded and began walking twords the door. Lane grabbed an umbrella and opened it over the both of us as soon as we stepped outside into the falling rain, ready to see our friend and deliver the news we had just heard.

Sam let out a shaky breath as he set the phone down after talking to Kiva. He layed back with a flop and curled up slightly. "Did it," hs thoughts mumbled inside of him.

"Hm," Kiva sighed and stood out of her desk chair, "Sam called and wanted me over with Lane and Vikki, too?" She caught herself blushing and shook her head, causing her red streaked hair to fly about.
She bundled herself in a black jacket and stepped outside, staring into the crying sky, walking with swiflt steps to her destination. "Sam," she wispered. Her thoughts began spinning and she caught a tear that fell from her cheek and watched it mix with the rain. "Don't be silly," she mumbled to herself and coaxed her thoughts to stop telling her such silly things, no matter how much she wanted to beleive them.
But for all she new, what she thought was a fantasy to herself, were all hopes and dreams awaiting to become a realitly to the both of them. And the awaiting was about to come to an end.

(End of Part 2)


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