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Chapter 1 - Chapter I

A Kingdom Hearts fan fiction. By viicious. Yay.

Chapter 1 - Chapter I

Chapter 1 - Chapter I
You could hear the clanking of wood far away, from a distant isle so close to the island, and yet so far. A young girl was having difficulty opening a coconut. Her thin, buoyant hair flopped lazily and she struggled. He slender arms were weak against such a thing as the coconut, and her bracelets jangled. Hearing her name being called, she frustratingly threw the coconut at the rock, and stood up, brushing off her knees. Irritated, she picked up the coconut and trudged over to where she had heard the distant cries of her name. She walked across a plank bridge onto a smaller ‘sister island’, adjacent to the much larger island. They called them the Destiny Islands.

A young boy, tanned visage and pokey brown hair, all dressed up in an elaborate and painfully set up suit, ran up to her and greeted her, panting and smiling and waving.

“Kairi!” he nearly shouted into her ear, “You shoulda seen the way I kicked Riku’s butt!”

Another boy on the isle folded his arms and shook his head, giving Sora a sneering smile. His silvery hair swayed elegantly in a hidden breeze.

“I just went easy on him, Kairi, so don’t listen to a word he says,” the silvery one said.

“Hey!” Sora spun around to eye the other boy. “She trusts me, Riku, so I think she’ll listen to me! Right Kairi?” Kairi shook her head angrily.

“I’m not listening to either of you!” she retorted. She eyed the evil contraption called the coconut. “I can’t get this darned thing open, and I don’t care what you guys say until one of you can open it.” Sora began to take it from her hand, but Riku stole it from him and easily cracked it open onto another coconut tree, some of the delicious coconut milk spilling from it. He smiled very deviously as he saw Sora eye him jealously. He handed it to Kairi and she jumped up and down happily.

“Oh, thank you thank you, Riku!” She ran to him and threw her arms around him. This would get a rise out of Sora, and Riku knew it. He took full advantage of it. He smiled like the punk he was as Sora glared at him ever hatefully. Anger burned up inside him, and he nearly shouted.

“But Kairi, I beat Riku in a duel!” He made it sound all-important. “And you know how hard he is to beat.” Kairi stepped away from Riku, then, and, still holding the coconut, and spilling some like the klutz she was, she fell into a hug with Sora.

“You’re so strong, Sora!” she proclaimed. And hence, Riku became agitated as Sora stuck his tongue out, blaring it into his face.

They had been like that often. Before Kairi came along, though, they were best buddies, that sky and earth. And she, the separation, seemed to tear their friendship apart. Some lonely nights, Sora would lie awake, due to insomnia, and think of nothing but Riku and Sora’s friendship before, which had been true and glorious. He wondered where it had gone.

Kairi let go of Sora and faced the boys then. She held up her coconut happily and giggled.

“The sun’s setting soon. Anyone who wants some, come to the dock!” She ran away then, clumsy as an old woman, for she tripped and rolled onto the plank bridge. Sora and Riku took a step forward before they realised she was fine and she pulled herself up again. As she ran away, Sora and Riku glared at each other.

“Time for a race, Sora?” Riku asked in a discouraging tone. Sora just glared and seemed rather jealous and fiery.

“Anytime, loser,” he replied.

They ran.


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Caught-In-Twilight on May 6, 2005, 2:22:42 PM

Caught-In-Twilight on
Caught-In-TwilightI like that you kept everyone in chacter and this is a great story!

Enjeru on August 31, 2004, 2:12:16 PM

Enjeru on
EnjeruAll I can say is (sorry sock_eater).........MEEP! That is an awesome story. I like the way you make Kairi sound. Also, you can really tell all the emotions that Sora is feeling. He is feeling, in my opnion, torn between teo friends! Oh ya! Before I forget... *Gives viicious a Muffin* Enjoy, and off I go to Chapter II! AWAY!!!

kristefur on January 6, 2004, 11:54:08 PM

kristefur on
kristefurI love it you think you could make a chapter about, like Kairi and Sora are really together? Well other than Kairi being clumsy, I've never heard a better story in my life! Great job!!!!!

KitsuneHino on November 29, 2003, 10:28:37 PM

KitsuneHino on
KitsuneHino*cheers Riku on* Knock em dead, cutie! Uh...I mean...I liked this fic! And Kairi's a ditz! *waves anti-kairi flags*

Nami on October 23, 2003, 10:07:40 PM

Nami on
NamiI like it!! *adds to faves* And I love how you kept them in character instead of acting all crazy and crap!