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Chapter 2 - Ephilvos & Koda vs Virus & Jordan

this is my second story and it follows my charries and the charries of some others and thier journey to defeat thier second most arch enemy mecha sonic if you want in let me know and your in

Chapter 2 - Ephilvos & Koda vs Virus & Jordan

Chapter 2 - Ephilvos & Koda vs Virus & Jordan
“Let’s go guys” virus said to the other two who nodded and they all walked to the mansion when halo ran through the door “your back good” he said in a scared tone “why what’s happened halo” Jordan asked as halo looked around in a twitchy manner “oh Jordan it’s terrible it’s ephilvos” Halo replied “why I thought we froze him about a year ago” Kira said skeptically “we did but koda freed him yesterday and dark, night and trey have gone after them V I feel responsible” Halo said as his ring began to glow “come on let’s go” Virus said turning and running towards the nearest town as they began to walk through the entrance to the town


Ephilvos and Koda appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Kira and Halo trapping them in a psy net “Kira Halo” Jordan yelled as a red blur shot past “what the….. ah well let’s rumble Jordan” Virus said and charged an orb of chaos energy “so you Wanna fight little hedgehog Ephilvos said “maybe we do” Jordan replied as Koda pulled out a gun

Will Virus and Jordan survive and who is this red hedgehog
To be continued


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