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Chapter 6 - ESCAPE and a new friend

this is my second story and it follows my charries and the charries of some others and thier journey to defeat thier second most arch enemy mecha sonic if you want in let me know and your in

Chapter 6 - ESCAPE and a new friend

Chapter 6 - ESCAPE and a new friend
Two days later
prison alpha protocol gamma
Area 11907
Virus and his new friends sat in their cells talking about how they wanted to escape and soon a grey hedgehog approached “hey are you Virus or #1456 as you are known by the guards” he asked “yes and so what if I am” Virus replied and the other three turned to look at the two hedgehogs who were looking at each other with mild interest “I am Jericho a hedgehog with the power of three gods the god of life the god of death and the god of space and time and I wish to aid you in your escape and maybe join your team” Jericho said smiling at them “very well what is your plan because as you know I can’t use my powers with these cuffs on” Virus replied as Crystal pushed up against him and Axel and Emma looked at each other with a knowing look “well it seems your friends already know how to remove the cuffs but have not found the tools so I will give all you your equipment back and hope you remember how to use it all” Jericho said handing Virus his chaos armlet Crystal her blades of chaotic doom Axel his thunder n’ flame gloves and Emma her protectors staff “now get out of here and I’ll meet you at HQ okay now go” Jericho said as he ran off in the direction of the armoury “okay then only one way to find out eh” Axel said smiling and the others nodded as Virus’s cuffs snapped and hit the floor “LET’S GO TEAM” Virus cried as they all burst out the cells and raced through the holding area letting out as many other prisoners as possible but at the last cell Virus stopped looking at the hedgehog within “Vaccine is that you” he said pressing against the bars “yes Virus it is I thought you were destroyed by Mecha sonic all those years ago it’s good to see you” the other hedgehog said slowly she looked just like Virus but with the colours inverted so where Virus had green fur mainly Vaccine had blue fur and her spines were green “who is this V” Crystal said from behind him “this is my twin sister and she was forged by chaos at the same time as me but as you can see she went through a real strange procedure in the forge process and now here she is the same but very very different but either way our power is only just equally matched with me the stronger of the two, looks like the one who runs this joint found us eh” Virus said as he let vaccine out and removed her cuffs “come on V we gotta go” Crystal said as an alarm sounded “yeah Virus you’d better go I have things I need to do” Vaccine said and disappeared with a cry of “chaos control” Virus smiled as a hundred guards came round the corner “yeesh will these guys ever take a hint” Crystal said as her fur darkened in colour and her blades shimmered with chaos energy “Crystal no I’ll handle this” Axel said stepping forward his gloves sparking and spitting “Axel Crystal I know how you feel about each other but we all gotta get outta here alive” Emma said as both Axel and Crystal looked at each other “goddamn it I’ll shut these bastards up my self” Virus said stepping forward and launching a bolt of chaos energy “Chaos Shock” he said and launched a stream of chaos energy at the mass of guards but none of them faltered “Axel what did you have in mind” Virus said looking round at His Orange friend “this” Axel replied smiling and pressing his palms together before slamming his fists into the floor as the two elements combined “Get outta here I’ll meet you at the mansion “Axel no” Emma shouted grabbing his shoulder “Emma let him do it I think it’s all that can stop the enemy and Axel good luck” Crystal said “thanks sis” Axel replied “what I thought you two were an Item” Emma said with a look of disbelief in her eyes “nope were family it’s Virus Crystal wants” Axel said and Crystal blushed “NOW GO” he shouted as virus grabbed the other two round the waist and jumped into the air a stream of chaos energy following his legs “AXEL NOW” he shouted as he turned to watch the prison explode after a loud roar emitted from the building “let’s go home” Crystal said hugging Virus tightly “yeah I hope he gets to HQ okay though” Virus said before landing and looking at the wreckage of the Prison complex “well V only one way to find out” Emma said and they all turned and ran the fourteen miles to the mansion and the rest of TEAM CHAOS


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