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Chapter 7 - The ruturn of Virus

this is my second story and it follows my charries and the charries of some others and thier journey to defeat thier second most arch enemy mecha sonic if you want in let me know and your in

Chapter 7 - The ruturn of Virus

Chapter 7 - The ruturn of Virus
At the Mansion
16:70PM March the 19th 2010

Three figures stood on the drive way to the mansion as Halo looked out of the window
One of the figures was holding a staff and another of the three was holding a pair of blades the Central Figure held nothing but a hedgehog sized and shaped object over his/her shoulder
"umm guys this looks kinda bad" Halo called to the room behind him

"Let me see Halo... get outta the goddamn way" Kira said walking over to Halo in order to see out of the window as the tree figures began to move towards the mansion, the central figure's chest now emanating a faint glow.
As all three of the Mystery figures walked towards the mansion
"right i'm going out there to see whats happening" Jordan said heading towards the halway "we'll come with" Dark and Knight said in unison and merged into the creature known as Darknight before following Jordan, Trey just followed them his bubblegum pink spines bouncing as he walked

as all this was happening a Cyan hedgehog watched the three fiures advancing up the drive-way his name Was Hail, Hail was primarilly Cyan and the tips of his spines were a Crimson red in colour, his feet were clad in white boots with saphire blue soles and trim Hail wore sunglasses above his eyes and his top half was covered with a dark blue Commisar Trenchcoat over a green vest top.

As Jordan and the others left the front door to the mansion and walked towards the three other figures it bacame clearer in the failing light who the central character was as he dropped the other body into the arms of the sword wielding figure.
"Jordan, Trey, Darknight Long time no see" Virus called as the two groups neared each other and Jordan and Virus Shared a brief Brotherly-esq embrace

"VIRUS" Halo cried as he ran out of the door followed by Kira, Tailia, Jaiden and Jericho all f whom had looks of intense joy on thier faces

Hail saw this as his chance to make himself known as Crystal and Emma walked toowards Virus carrying Axel between them
"Is this the Residence of the group known as team Chaos" Hail shouted from his hiding place in a bush off to the side
"Yes and so what if it is" Virus replied as Hail stepped out of the bush and walked towards Virus his Ice Rapier in his hand
"I am Hail and would like to assist you in your hunting of bounties" Hail said stopping about three meters away from the group
Virus looked at Hail intently"Well then Hail welcome to TEAM CHAOS there are only three rules
1.Crystal is mine" As Virus said this crystal blushed deeply and ran into Virus' arms
"2.i'm the boss
and 3. whach where your pointing that thing" he said pointing at the rapier
"okay then
1.i Have no intentions of taking her
2.Fair enough
and 3. don't worry it's made of ice
and thanks for having me ^^" Hail replied as Team Chaos and it's four new members walked up the driveway towards the mansion and inside to finish yet another chapter in the life of Team Chaos...


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Snowpaw1 on June 7, 2009, 2:34:49 AM

Snowpaw1 on
Snowpaw1cool... can you let my character, Snickers the cat, be in this story? Look at my profile image. She has no wings, and has a very very very short temper. And calls people fools a lot. XDD

Snowpaw1 on July 7, 2009, 10:49:32 AM

Snowpaw1 on
Snowpaw1one thing, now she's Caitlyn the wolf.

shadowsofvoltage on May 1, 2009, 12:22:53 AM

shadowsofvoltage on
shadowsofvoltageOH DOOD! Cool!^^