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Chapter 29 - chapter 29

The Konoha High gang is looking forward to their upcoming Christmas Break,and when a group trip is proposed,everyone is excited.But once again there's drama occuring with love,friendships,new friends and possible rivals,and much more.

Chapter 29 - chapter 29

Chapter 29 - chapter 29
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto!

“I love you, Sakura.” Ino said, grinning at her friend’s idea, and her idea of gossip. Mei and Mitsuki were in for it if they came to the room tonight. Sakura was in a relentless match-making mood, and wanted desperately to see her new friend’s with guys.

“Doesn’t everyone?” Sakura joked.

“Sasuke’s the only one who really means it.” Ino said, laughing.

“Whatevs.” Sakura said. “So, sleepover, right? I’ll tell Mei and Mitsuki. They can borrow some of my stuff if they need to.”

“Sounds good.” Ino said. “Just don’t question them too much tonight. Remember, we’re all just having fun.”

“I know.” Sakura said, grinning widely. Sasuke and Shikamaru just watched the exchange with no commentation. This was just too like their girlfriends. They felt a little bad for Mitsuki and Mei, but knew that nothing too drastic would be happening tonight…hopefully, anyways.

“Sakura…”Sasuke muttered under his breath.

“Right. Just enjoying myself. Got it.” She said, turning her attentions to him and smiling.

“Good.” Sasuke said, pulling her in closer to him. They danced happily for the remaining time that they had that night. Too soon, though, the final song of the night came on.

“It’s time to slow it down for one last dance. Little Brother, if you aren’t dancing with your girl, you’d better bet that I will be.” Itachi announced as he started playing ‘Over and Over Again.’

“I love this song.” Sakura grinned, looking up at Sasuke.

“And of course he knows that.” Sasuke said, his voice dripping with poison, his arms tightening around his girlfriend’s waist.

“Sasuke, come on. You know Itachi is just messing with you.” Sakura said. “Besides, I wouldn’t want to spend the last dance of the night with any one but you.”

“Hn.” Sasuke said, as Sakura leaned up to kiss him lightly. He relaxed as they danced, Sakura’s presence reassuring him that Itachi wasn’t going to ruin tonight.

Sakura sighed happily as the song came to an end. “You know, tonight couldn’t have been better. I really think that this is the best Christmas I’ve ever had.”

“I’m happy to hear that.” Sasuke said, looking down at his girlfriend’s glowing face. He smiled at her. Despite Itachi being there, the Christmas Ball had actually been a nice time for him to spend with Sakura. And Itachi would be leaving soon enough, leaving him to have an amazing week with Sakura.

“Sakura, look.” Ino whispered harshly at her friend. Sakura turned her attention from Sasuke to see Mei getting a good bye kiss from Kiba. She grinned as she saw the girl blush. Mei was standing watching Kiba go to leave the ball room as Sakura and Ino snuck up on her.

“So…”The girls said at the same time, causing Mei to jump.

“Um, hi, guys.” Mei said, praying that they hadn’t seen Kiba kiss her. She was never going to hear the end of it if they had.

“How was the rest of your night?” Sakura asked in a sugary sweet voice.

‘Great. They saw.’ Mei thought. “It was really nice.”

“That’s awesome.” Ino said, grinning.

“We were wonder…” Sakura started.

“…If you and Mitsuki wanted to spend the night in our hotel room tonight.” Ino finished. “We’re just going to hang out and talk about the ball, and that kind of stuff.”

“Um, well, sure.” Mei said. “I just have to check with my parents, but it sounds fun.”

“Good!” Sakura said. “Now all we have to do is ask Mitsuki!”

“Ask me what?” Mitsuki asked, popping up behind Sakura.

“If you wanna spend the night at our room.” Sakura said. “Mei is.”

“Well, if my parents say it’s ok, I am.” Mei added.

“Sweet. I’m in. I’ll call my mom and let her know I won’t be home tonight.” Mitsuki said, whipping out her phone immediately.

“I guess I’ll call my mom, too.” Mei said, pulling out her phone as well and dialing her mother’s number.

Sakura and Ino nodded, stepping away from the two girls a little bit.

“This is going to be fun.” Sakura said, stepping over to Sasuke so that he could wrap his arm around her waist.

“Very.” Ino replied, grabbing Shikamaru’s hand. “Where are TenTen and Hinata?” She looked at Shikamaru as she asked this question.

“I saw them heading to the refreshment table not too long ago.” Shikamaru replied. “Hinata was worried about Naruto’s leg.”

Ino nodded. “We’ll go find them when Mitsuki and Mei are done calling their parents.”

“Good. Then we can head upstairs for the night. It’s later than I realized.” Sakura said.

Ino laughed at her friend. She always went to bed way earlier than everyone else, even when it wasn’t a school night. According to her cell phone, it was only midnight, and for Ino, the night was just getting started. Especially since there was a sleepover to come. “It’s not that late, Sakura.”

“Says you, pig.” Sakura said crossly. When she got tired, she wasn’t always in the best mood.

“You won’t even want to sleep when we get up to the room, I can guarantee it.” Ino said, grinning. Shikamaru sighed. He felt sorry for the other girls. If they wanted sleep tonight, they wouldn’t be getting it.

“We’re clear.” Mitsuki said, giving Sakura and Ino a thumbs up.

“Awesome!” Ino said excitedly. “Let’s go grab TenTen and Hinata. Then we can all go upstairs. You guys can borrow anything that you need for tonight from me.”

“She definitely packs enough to clothe three people for the entire week, so you guys should be able to find anything you need.” Sakura said. “And if Ino doesn’t have something you need, you can feel free to check my bags.”

“Thanks, guys.” Mei said, smiling happily. She wasn’t really paying too much attention to her friends. She was busy replaying the night in her head. She seemed to have finally found a guy who was actually interested in her for her. She really hoped that things went well when they went out.

A/N: ok, worst chapter I’ve ever written. Also the worst writer’s block I’ve ever had. I’m sorry for taking so long just to crank out a horrible chapter. Again, I have no idea when I will finish the next chapter, because I’m still not over my writer’s block. But I want you guys to know that I am not giving up on this story. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me despite my slow updates. =)


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