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Chapter 1 - Past

Kiseki has a special power that was casted by a witch on the generations of her family. She tries to make it through but once someone finds out her ancestors erases their mind and forget everything about her.

Chapter 1 - Past

Chapter 1 - Past
"I thought it was just a joke when by my parents told me if I told anyone about my families weird being they will forget everything but I guess it was true. The boy that I had once loved forgot all about me."

That one time when I was younger my father had let me meet up with my friend for the first time. He was very kind to me since the first day I was transferred, even though everyone picked on me for having fire-like colored eyes he stood up for me and told me my eyes were pretty. Although I was happy, I had caused him to lose his friends but even so he said "It doesn't matter as long as I'm your friend I am happy."

I cried as I stood there in joy and sadness. He patted my head softly and gave me a big smile.

As the years pasted we became good friends. We would talk on the phone all day and our parents would yell at us to go a sleep. As we got older I developed feelings for him but as his friend I knew that he did not like me. He loved this girl with blonde hair down to her hips, and green eyes. She was too pretty for me to compete with. All I had was my fire color eyes which were no longer attractive to him. I was torn by this crush that I cried sleeping even knowing it would not change his feelings for me. That day I dreamt of him but he was different some how as if it was not him. He had the same face but his eyes was purple and his voice was more deeper calling me Tenshi.



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