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An old toss-away poem I had written late last year. A civilian woman welcomes home her husband, a soldier fallen in battle.

Please do not misuse my poem for any other outside purpose. I do not tolerate plagiarism.
Fact or Fiction?
Waffles was my Guinea pig.She was very sick last night and she died.I shall protect Pancake my other guinea pig very well.
Hi! I'm Lumi!
I'm starting this blog because the events that occur in my daily life are too hilarious to keep to myself.
I'll be using pictures from to describe the scenes to you, but it'll be coupled with my diary entries.
This is a guide to my characters that I use often!
I have a few, so this is a good way to keep track!
A story of things that happen to me and my friends... alot of it will be MSN convos and I deleted the old one cause it was being annoying... ENJOY!!!! Or else...
Just something random?
Kiseki has a special power that was casted by a witch on the generations of her family. She tries to make it through but once someone finds out her ancestors erases their mind and forget everything about her.
Just a little bit about mah day.
ok, this came to me one day, hope u like it!
well ya just got to read it to find out wot its about
A story of two girls who are desprate to be popular like everyone else.
But after a certain promise they made together at first, it wasnt just any diet they were faceing.
It was a diet of death Anorexia
But together can they make it through
just random stories =] and they're very short so don't expect any long stories from me 0_0
this is a poem a bout a girl running away
Who knows what can happen ten years after you leave high school in your Sophomore year. Here's RAA's Class of 2011
people in story
jack sally
lock shock barrel
I was really board one sunday afternoon. hope you like it
its a angel and devil story full of fights, drama and love
=^^=Me an 2 off my bffs on a mission.
tht mission-kiddnapp Zac Efron
MWAHAHA!!!jk...this story is entirely fictional.
i do not own becca...or hollie..BUT I WISH I OWNED ZAC!!!!
This is a story about a young girl that must make a choice that could change her life forever. Will she find the woman from her dreams? Will she make the right choice? Read to find out.
A poem my friend wrote for another's recent death.
this is what i think of having a twin
well this is about when i lost my best friend (guy friend) and he was also my crush..i miss him so much but i'm happy with the boyfriend i have now