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Chapter 1 - Lets Hear It For The Night Guard President and Pharaohs

yep thats right! ZAoTSAM is writing fillers for NATM with two new characters: Thema and Rehema!

Chapter 1 - Lets Hear It For The Night Guard President and Pharaohs

Chapter 1 - Lets Hear It For The Night Guard President and Pharaohs
Thema sat their brushing her black hair in the diorama room listening on the usual arguments of the two tiny figurines as she cursed to herself in Egyptian. If it wasn't for her twins husband she would of been the wife of a Pharaoh, not her younger sister. Then again, she knew her parents were threatened by her, and Kahmunrah, where her sister was always the favorite, so was her husband, Ahkmenrah.She rubbed her temples then stared at the two figurines.

“Shut up! You are both 3 inch figurines! Just because you’re alive doesn’t mean I won’t stand on you or throw you down the toilet,” she yelled staring at the the blonde cowboy with the bad attitude picking him up to her eye level, "listen kid, you may be cute-"

"I am not cute," Jedidiah argued back ,"I am manly and handsome!"

"You may be... Handsome... but I'm not afraid to kill you," she noticed her sister coming down the hall smiling at a plot. tomorrow there was to be a talent show for all of them to entertain themselves for the night and she had just the idea of what to do. She put the cowboy down and ran after her mirror image.

"Rehema! I have an idea of what to do," she said.

"Really, what is it, tell me quickly Ahkmenrah and I were about to go back to the tomb to talk, about what happened back in Egypt," She stared back at the brown eyes she'd seen so many times, the girls were almost always together, if not in the same area, thus why they both came to the Museum together.

"That cowboy in the Diorama room gave me an idea, find Sacajawea and we'll talk, I'm going to go look through storage for something," Thema and Rehema split up as Rehema went to look for the Indian woman, who, without a doubt was with the 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt.

"Excuse me Mr. President but I must be taking Sacajawea,my sister and i promise to have her back later," Rehema smiled, "Sacajawea, would you like to be in our little production thing for the show, my sister won't tell me what it is but knowing how much of a genius she is it will be promising," Sacajawea nodded.

"As long as it's appropriate and doesn't have anything involving sacrifices," Sacajawea added, the twin smiled with content.

"Come on my sister will fill us in on the details," The two ran out to find storage where Thema was dressed as a roman her red cape slid over one shoulder as her helmet had problems staying out, "Sis were not being Jedidiah and Octavius are we?"

"No, not at all. Don't worry here," Thema threw a tunic and Egyptian crown at Rehema then an outfit similar to Theodore's at Sacajawea, "Were going to be... entertaining tonight... I even have a third girl," that's when the beautiful Rebbecca walked in wearing a night guard uniform. "For tonight we are going to, sing to the guys."

"Were not stripping are we?"

"No... god Rehema, where would you get a perverted mind like that. Any wyas... I heard a song the other night, and well... it seemed well.. since the three of you girls have relationships in the museum and i never do anything without my sister. I was wondering if you girls would like to sing tonight. Rehema's voice is angelic so it be wonderful. Sacajawea... are you up for it," she looked at the Indian who nodded, "Rebbecca," she smiled to. "Alright any questions...," Rehema raised her hand, "yes Rehema?"

"Why are you dressed as a roman for this?"

"Because... Octavius was the first guy I could think of in the museum who was single," she crossed her arms.

"What about Kahmunrah... why don't you dress as his feminine side?"

"Because I can't find another Egyptian outfit close to his," Rebbecca grabbed Thema's usual dress.

"Why not just what you always wear," Rebbecca offered giving Thema the dress.

"Alright fine then... either way any other questions," Sacajawea raised her hand, "yes Sacajawea?"

"What are we singing?"

"Hare Hare Yukai."

'Oh I know that one... we can split it One verse per guy... that works," Rebbecca added as they began to practice for the next day working pon choreography. But soon it was time to escort them all to their exhibits, but as the sun raised Rebbecca smiled at the twins as the sun touched their bodies, freezing them their for anouther night. "I promise you won't have to wear your normal clothing Thema, I'll make sure of it. She walked off and out of the museum to grab a coffee and then go to a costume store, hoping to find something like Kahmunrah's attire.

Night ran by fast as Rebbecca realized what time it was changing into the night guard outifit sliding a large jacket over it so Larry wouldn't see and grabbing the bag with Thema's costume inside of it. checking her watch she realized she was late and began to run more and more until she reached the Museum of Natural History finding the three other girls, all of which were dressed.

"Thema... I did research and I got you a costume... you can go change in the bathroom... you know the place your always threatening to kill Jed in. Either way I goty coats so Larry Teddy and Ahk will be suprised," the girls grabbed the coat as Thema and Rehema ran to the bathroom waiting their turn for the preformance. Rebbecca smiled at the girls, they watched the minatures and laugheds, Teddy was funny also but when it was their turn nervousness went through the former queen's heart, then through her sisters. Sacajawea took off her jacket and so did Rebbecca, the queen and her sister placed their head dresses and removed their coats. The Former President, Night guard and the Pharaoh's eyes bugged out a bit. The twins took center as Sacajawea was on the left, Rebbecca on the write as they began to dance Hare Hare Yukai (Link at end of One Shot) and sang in the japanese language laughing their buts off... it was hillarious that nobody knew the language and it compared it to Atilla's. They laughed their heads off at everyones confusion.

Hare Hare Yukai:

I do not own Night At The Museum!


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