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Chapter 0 - prolouge

Hatsuyo Yagami was a normal person until she learnt about her real past.

Chapter 0 - prolouge

Chapter 0 - prolouge
(OMG FINALY I WROTE THIS! I do not own Death Note or any of its franchise, I just own Hatsuyo& and this story& well either way, this is a prologue, so if its crappy, I promise the story gets better)

The sun began to set on Valentines Day of 2011 and with every second the young idol Misa Amane held her six month old daughter, Hatsuyo Rem Amane, in her arms crying. It seemed to happen a lot and she couldnt handle the pain anymore. She kissed her daughters forehead and began to sing her a lullaby hoping shed fall asleep so the tired mother could escape her hell. She looked at her daughter one last time, placing her in her crib and waved goodbye, closing the door behind her she left it unlocked. Her eyes closed as tears began to stream down her face but that didnt stop her decision as she walked down the road singing to herself. She knew this town like the back of her hand and began to head to the largest building in town and was determined this time, she would of done it sooner but when she found herself pregnant, and it wasnt in her right mind to take her life along with her childs.
Misa waited to reach the top, awaiting her final moments. She replayed the last few years in her brain. Finding Kira, becoming Kiras girlfriend, helping Kira, becoming Kiras fiancé, Kira dying, finding out she was pregnant and now she was going to die. Her blonde hair flowed in the wind for one final time. She thought of light and then her daughter. Then she finally began to fall with the sun, a tear escaped her eyes as she plunged to her death, this was the end of Misa Amane.
An hour or so past and the apartment laid untouched, nobody came to clear it out, the quietness was concluded as two men walked into the room, a rather young man with a slightly older one looking around for anything. Finally the sound of cries escaped from another room, the two cops rushing to find the noise. They searched every room until they found a barely lightened room, a large black crib lying in the center of it. The younger cop turned on the light and headed toward the bed, picking up the child.
Matsuda, what are you doing, may I remind you WHOS child that is, the older one said, practically scolding the one named Matsuda. Matsuda smiled as the little baby as she began to stop crying, he formed a pout on his face and turned to the older cop.
Awwwww come on Aizawa& the kid just lost her mother, the only living Kira left; now that shes gone its not likely the kids going to become Kira, its not like being Kira is some Hereditary disease, or else Sayu-Chan would have had it, Matsuda tried making a point as he stuck his tongue out childishly, causing the child to laugh, hey there little Hatsuyo, its your god daddy Matsuda& so sorry bout your loss, he said sort of childishly also as he almost dropped the child, Aizawa quickly catching her.
Matsuda, you idiot, what if she fell and died, he yelled putting the baby back in the crib scolding him, your really stupid Matsuda, you know that& Thats why were sending it to live at Wammys house, Aizawa pulled Matsudas ear as they headed out to the living room of the apartment.
Why cant Sayu take her, Matsuda said trying not to start an argument, but still fighting for the child. Aizawa rolled his eyes and gave Matsuda a usual you idiot glare.
Youre a cop, you should know the law, he said bopping his associate on the back of his head, according to the law since Ms. Amane and Mr. Yagami werent married that it is not legally his child! There for, she has no legal relatives, thus why she must go to an orphanage, and in this case, Wammys House! I mean, think about it, what if another Death Note did come up again, Matsuda opened his mouth to answer but Aizawa stopped him rhetorical Matsuda& its a rhetorical question, listen Matsuda, just leave it& Ill contact Wammys and theyll pick her up in the morning, come on Matsuda&, Aizawa and Matsuda began to walk away, but like a child who just wasnt fulfilled with what he got at the toy store, Matsuda turned around quickly and headed back inside the babies room and picking her up and rushing back.
Im sorry Aizawa, but shes too cute! I would like to ask to claim custody of her, he said suddenly serious, and& I wont take no for an answer! I demand to have this child!
God Matsuda, really, you cant even take care of yourself& why would I, Chief of the NPA, leave this child to be raised by a dumbass like yourself, Aizawa sighed looking at how Matsuda smiled with the child and realized how he was prejudicing Matsuda, Ill look into Miss Amanes will and see what her wishes were for the child&, Matsuda seemed to light up in excitement, and for now& I guess she can stay with you& but I do expect you to be there when a lawyer reads her will& got it, and if I hear ONE complaint, its Wammys got it, Aizawa pointed at Matsuda as he nodded, good& pack up some of her stuff and take it home, Im trusting you Matsuda&, and with that, Matsuda was quick packing only essentials, so happy with himself Aizawa rolled his eyes, dont get to attached& like I said& she might be sent to Wammys&, but that didnt bother Matsuda at all as he snuggled the temporary family member.


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