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My sad attempet of writing a kick @$$ fanfiction of Death Note.
All Death Note Characters (c) Ohba and Ohbata
Jessica Sony (c) Me
Hatsuyo Yagami was a normal person until she learnt about her real past.
When Aaron finds a book with Death-Note printed on it one day on the way home, He is curious and stumbles apon a bigger thing than he ever could imagine.
Kiomi Natsuka didn't know of Kira until he killed her older brother. Now she's out for vengeance, with help from a Shinigami with mysterious motives. Can she separate truth from lies in time? Or will Kira add one more Natsuka to his list of victims?
This is basically the same story (with a focus on the anime rather than the manga) as the real thing but with the focus on a character I added in.

Remember this focuses on my OC, you need to know the original story to fully understand this.
A wicked story about Misa's meeting with Kira... :)
This is some random stuff I thought up after looking through a book of Gothic and Lolita outfits. Don't ask. This tells the inaccurate story of how Death Notes came to be, something unintentionally done by a gay shinigami, hehe....
Kira has finally got his wish. He is now the new ruler of the world. But other Death Notes are dropped to Earth. Who's with Kira? And who's against?
This is the first chapter of a "parody mary-sue" I wrote to poke fun at people who are serious about writing these things.
If this angers you you are either
A. a Mary Sue
B. Taking this too seriously 
WOO L FICTION! yeah, this chapter is exeedingly short, i know -_-. The next chapter will be longer. I will be updating every monday on it. It will be really awesome n' stuf, so please read it! thanks.
Misa thanks L after Raito is released from the chains that binded him to the detective.
Drabble. LightxL. Sometimes, being handcuffed together caused a few problems.