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I don't post here anymore. I've taken down my gallery.
All of my work is up on deviantart ( )

Please add me there my friends.


Comments (64)

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DragonGirl1136 on June 12, 2008, 8:17:20 AM

DragonGirl1136 on
DragonGirl1136Your icon! Waspinator! :D

precious_snow on April 18, 2008, 1:37:21 PM

precious_snow on
precious_snowi like your art, hope you can look i my drawings too.. hehe.. Thanks

Boykampilan on October 8, 2007, 8:22:27 PM

Boykampilan on
BoykampilanAwesome Gallery!!!

Bikewriter on July 26, 2007, 2:57:23 AM

Bikewriter on
BikewriterI need to ask you something else.

Ammotu on July 26, 2007, 6:21:12 AM

Ammotu on
AmmotuOk, so ask. What's up?

Bikewriter on July 27, 2007, 9:28:43 AM

Bikewriter on
BikewriterI can't run the contest anymore, I don't have the time, could you run it? If you can't I can ask nightbird.

Ammotu on July 28, 2007, 4:35:50 AM

Ammotu on
AmmotuNo thanks. I mean I'll help out with the judging if you want, but I'm not really interested in running a contest.

vizexionXixdemyx on July 5, 2007, 4:33:22 PM

vizexionXixdemyx on your work..i worship you..seriously..dont doubt my worshipingness..

Bikewriter on June 28, 2007, 8:03:26 AM

Bikewriter on
BikewriterGo to my profile. I'm looking for judges on an upcoming art contest respond on my comment list.

DoAsInfinity on December 31, 2006, 6:27:53 AM

DoAsInfinity on
DoAsInfinityAkemashoote omedetou gozaimasu! *bows* Have a fun new year!

GollumDragon on September 17, 2006, 1:13:05 AM

GollumDragon on
GollumDragonHey, I was looking for your tutorial on deviant and couldn't find it. I don't have a deviant gallery so I'm always a bit confused when I have o go there, its a bit too busy for me. I was wondering if you could send me a link to it?

TattoKiss on August 31, 2006, 3:24:00 AM

TattoKiss on
TattoKissamazing gallery!!

Toxilicious on August 11, 2006, 1:01:02 AM

Toxilicious on
ToxiliciousHoly cow...someone who likes Batman and hyde? I think I'm in love! <3! Just kidding, don't freak out on me... Nice work, keep it up, and so on and so forth...
<3 -Toxilicious

DoAsInfinity on August 6, 2006, 4:47:14 AM

DoAsInfinity on
DoAsInfinityI love your work ^^, and anyone who is all "isn't vectoring kinda cheating?" they've obviously never tried it T_T From experience, I can say you truly have mastered vectoring. Keep going!

OneWingedDemon-WH_KaiRay on July 27, 2006, 8:16:30 AM

OneWingedDemon-WH_KaiRay on
OneWingedDemon-WH_KaiRayYes, I'm back. And I'm hoping to stay back for a good while XD Mmmm, DeviantArt? I do indeed have one that my friend just up and gave me, but I've only submitted one picture, lol. My scanner has hit the point of no return, and is dead...sadly.

iyoday on July 27, 2006, 6:17:30 AM

iyoday on
iyodayi like how you draw batman i'll give
it a try some day.  

OneWingedDemon-WH_KaiRay on July 16, 2006, 8:14:32 AM

OneWingedDemon-WH_KaiRay on
OneWingedDemon-WH_KaiRayHey hey Ammotu ^^ Long time no hear from neh? How've you been? ^^

Monochrome on June 11, 2006, 2:43:59 AM

Monochrome on
MonochromeWonderful Miyavi picture! XD You're such an awesome artist! I love your techniques, they always make the picture turn out great.

bridget_jones on May 6, 2006, 11:41:50 AM

bridget_jones on
bridget_jonesyou have some nice pic good work!!!!!!!!

Steel_Girl on April 9, 2006, 11:38:19 AM

Steel_Girl on
Steel_Girl..I'm so slow and dumb, I just noticed you added me to your favorite artists and I'm all 'wtf?!' right now x.x;

Also..OMG! your on dA XD I am too... more active on there than here x.x;

What else...ehhh.. .keep up all your cool work or I'll beat you with a... rhythm stick >>

ShadowFoxx on February 23, 2006, 6:43:19 AM

ShadowFoxx on
ShadowFoxxYipee! Cool pictures dude! The most awesomest part is that you draw Gackt!! Huzzah!! *glomps* Hahahahahahahahahahhaha! Nya nya ah....*sigh* Um.....Bye....


Rocky_Girl on December 23, 2005, 1:56:44 AM

Rocky_Girl on
Rocky_Girlhi dear^^
just to say you before you kill me ur very talented so just keep it up


fightgirl91 on December 17, 2005, 5:14:03 AM

fightgirl91 on
fightgirl91sorry^^ U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fightgirl91 on December 17, 2005, 5:04:40 AM

fightgirl91 on
fightgirl91YOUR WORK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! DIR EN GREY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! GACKT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA U ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wolfgirl98 on November 18, 2005, 11:27:38 AM

wolfgirl98 on
wolfgirl98hi !!!!!!!!! i luv your fullmetal alchemist piccys !!!! want to be my buddy?

AeroArtist on November 5, 2005, 10:54:26 AM

AeroArtist on
AeroArtisthi. i've only had the pleasure of seeing a few of your pictures, the tekken ones, but i must say, i am so impressed! you are very tallented!

Lumin on September 8, 2005, 1:45:26 PM

Lumin on
Lumintwo words.. Love Your Art.. ... ... okay thats three.. but i still love it.. great colors. and wonderful ideas.. i hope you have a lot of time on your hands cuz you're going to need to continue with your art at all cost you cant quit you're way too good.. thank you for being alive

Sound_Of_Blue1989 on July 14, 2005, 7:17:53 PM

Sound_Of_Blue1989 on
Sound_Of_Blue1989Hey, I love your Gackt and Soul Caliber pictures. Keep it up.

Lucretia_Nicole on June 30, 2005, 5:18:36 AM

Lucretia_Nicole on
Lucretia_Nicoleheya ;) thought i'd say hi to all my favs artisats so, 'hello' ;) keep up the awesome work!
luv nicole

Sousuke25 on May 28, 2005, 1:24:29 PM

Sousuke25 on
Sousuke25ur such a great artist. YEEAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! props.

Khyleria on May 15, 2005, 1:09:35 PM

Khyleria on
KhyleriaHello! I lub all yur art and I would comment them but youve got so much...GOD...

AthaMaarit on May 1, 2005, 4:50:49 PM

AthaMaarit on
AthaMaaritHi again!
My theatre´s plays start to be over, we have two last shows this week, so I would be able to draw something for you now ^.^

Would it be too much for asking Raphael pic from you? I already have one Siegfried pic, but no one have made Raphael for me yet. I only want it to be SC2´s Raphael, you can desing he´s clothes if you like and idea of the image. If that´s sounds too much, tell me, I´ll ask something else then ^.^

ren_fan on April 29, 2005, 6:38:28 AM

ren_fan on
ren_fanYou weren't being harsh in your comment at all! Thanks for the constructive crit. ^_^
See, I have a tablet, but we had this annoying electrical surge and it stopped working a few months ago. -_-
We haven't had the money to replace it yet, so, I've been drawing with a mouse ^^'
thanx for the idea about sketching it out first. I tend to get carried away with photoshop.
I'm trying to work out the opacity stuff, but I'm not all that good at it.
I'll be looking back at your advice though, and hopefully I'll get a bit better!
Thanx again!

AthaMaarit on April 13, 2005, 4:18:44 PM

AthaMaarit on
AthaMaaritArt trade sounds good ^.^ I have never traded art before, so I guess it means I draw something to you and you draw something to me. Is there any wishes you would like to have me to draw? It might take for a while to do it, because there´s just starting the showtime in theatre and I´m having plays every week.

AthaMaarit on April 12, 2005, 10:07:37 PM

AthaMaarit on
AthaMaaritOh, I just read that you won´t take any requests so never mind of that then. ^.^

AthaMaarit on April 12, 2005, 10:06:36 PM

AthaMaarit on
just wanted to tell you I like your art very much and I was happy to see some Soul Calibur art drawn by you ^.^
Is there any chance of getting request pic from you? ,3 Of course there would be any hurry with the pic.

DevinsBabe06 on April 5, 2005, 10:35:55 AM

DevinsBabe06 on
DevinsBabe06Thank you so much. I'm glad you like my pictures. I like your too. Keep up the great work.


DemonessofRedSnow on April 5, 2005, 8:56:57 AM

DemonessofRedSnow on
DemonessofRedSnowI am thoroughly impressed with your work. I am quite the critic on art, but your art deserves praise.

legolaslovingsnapefan on December 5, 2004, 9:56:49 AM

legolaslovingsnapefan on
legolaslovingsnapefanyou're really good! i looove your gackt drawings!!! i'd put them in favs, but that piles up too fast for i just put you in my favs ^_^

Templado on November 14, 2004, 7:20:50 AM

Templado on
TempladoThanks for comments!
That is very pleasent to reseve comments from artist like you!
Your pics so original! You realy have your OWN STYLE!!!
P.S. If it is not a secret, where are you from?

Templado on November 14, 2004, 12:21:29 AM

Templado on
TempladoYour pics Amazing!!!! Wonderful Works!!!!
Ow, Excuse me, how old are you?

Sanoshi on August 22, 2004, 3:59:39 PM

Sanoshi on
Sanoshi<font color="#FF0000"><B>FANART CENTRAL AWARDS!!!!!</font></B>

Now is   your chance to nominate your favorite artists to win fanart central   awards!!!!! For info on the awards check out the awards info topic. <A   HREF="

To Nominate Your favorite artists go   to the following link. <A   HREF=""> FAC   AWARD NOMINATIONS</A></P> <P>

You can Nominate up until September 25th   2004. In order for this to work we need many nominations. So help out FAC   by taking the time to do so :)</P>

Vayonu on August 3, 2004, 10:32:55 PM

Vayonu on
VayonuYou just have the most breathtaking gallery ^o^ *gasping for air*

All the pictures are so freakin'pretty ^~

Love Ur work **favs**

Eliza_Hime on July 20, 2004, 5:17:27 PM

Eliza_Hime on
Eliza_HimeKonnichiwa~ ^-^= Just wanna tell you, your arts ROCK!! They are awesome.. you are a talented artist, dakara keep up the good works ^__~

TheDarkShiva on June 19, 2004, 11:16:04 PM

TheDarkShiva on
TheDarkShivahi ammotu, i thought i should comment on your profile to tell you that i love your art and you're one of the chosen few on my list of fav artists. i think i'll also comment on your piccies but this will take hours!

Raymei on June 16, 2004, 4:36:08 PM

Raymei on
RaymeiThere's no way I can comment on ALL your pics, so I thought I'd cover my bases by complimenting you on your profile ^.^<P>Your pictures....are <font color="red"><u><i><b><FONT SIZE=5>FREAKING AWESOME</font></u></i></b><P>Go you ^^*

BAMFManiac on June 14, 2004, 8:32:41 AM

BAMFManiac on
BAMFManiacyou are one of the best realism artists i've seen on this site. tho i'm not familiar with a lot of people you draw (not really into j-pop), the amazing detail and effort you put into your pics astounds me. so yea... you are awesome

Rei-chan on June 5, 2004, 4:01:47 PM

Rei-chan on
Rei-chanthanks for ur comments again...ur style is cool too,especially d gackt u drew!

Kadsuki on June 5, 2004, 3:58:01 PM

Kadsuki on
KadsukiYou draw very well... Talented!!! Hope I just can draw like you!!! ^^

HerFrozenVeins on May 13, 2004, 12:57:01 PM

HerFrozenVeins on
HerFrozenVeins<3 Lovely artist.

Papercut_Dragon on April 22, 2004, 6:23:50 AM

Papercut_Dragon on
Papercut_DragonYou're really good at realistic looking people, and you can even make them look Japanese... good good good work!

Cloud_Strife_Biggest_Fan on April 17, 2004, 5:11:56 PM

Cloud_Strife_Biggest_Fan on
Cloud_Strife_Biggest_FanI love that pic

coca-cola on April 16, 2004, 5:08:36 PM

coca-cola on
coca-colayour drawings there fracking awasome *friend in brackground* NOT AWASOME MORE LIKE PHOGRAPHS *back to me* keep it up oh'ya how long does one picture take???
time comsume i'm sure

BlackNinja on April 9, 2004, 9:32:54 PM

BlackNinja on
BlackNinjaLove you pictures especially "Kurama and Yoko Kurama

BlackNinja on March 15, 2004, 6:51:57 AM

BlackNinja on
BlackNinjaWhta do you mean by other

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