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(i use . it is great. you should use it too. you'll sound less like one big typo.)

I guess this will be kind of a blog, but really slowly updated. If you don't want to read it, just scroll down, WAY down, to the bottom of the page, and find what you need from there.

now, here is my most recent (drum roll please)

update! update!


My current projects:

oki oni sama web comic: i need to get it up and running, and once it is, i will link to it from here and you can check it out.

Scanning and submitting old works: if i do it now, i won't have to keep sitting here with no pics looking like a leach, and I'll have time to make some new stuff while people look at the old stuff.

Finish and upload first chapter of fanfic #1: the working title is Of Healing And Being Healed. it is a yyh fic, and, yes, there are a few original characters, but i've tried to make them as good as possible, as an honor to the original, and i do not plan on talking about them outside the fic and will not post pics of them outside the oc category of yyh. However, scenes from it may be submitted in other categories under yyh where appropriate, and at the end of my fic will be links to the relevant ones in order of apearance. What? i want this to be good.

ok. here i am. see? i exist! look, I'm here!
i am now in my senior year at school, and am taking an art class, so i should get a little more time to draw for now. I've submitted my first few pieces, and here's hoping they make it past the "board" critic thingey people. Whatever it is that conciders things that are submitted for consideration. I'm trying to do some posting and faving, but for me this really is just a somewhat more meaningful way to spend my time than tv.

Q of the ... er.. month? year? ... fine. time period. :

why is it that in the anime, Yu Yu Ha kusho is spelled that way, but on this site, it's spelled Yuu Yuu Hak usho?

comment on this profile to answer! Best answer gets a request next time i update!

(below is history by date, with the newest at the top)

(the first post, upon gaining membership, explaining self)

First of all, my username, HanGyuu, is not because i believe i am "half cow",or because of my zodiac(which is actually dragon) but rather because i draw myself as such because i like cows. Don't ask.

Second of all, i only do requests for people i personally know, either over the Internet or in person,because A: i like to do "good work slowly" rather than "scribble scribble here you go", and that means really cutting down how many people i do it for, and B: i need to know at least something about what the fanart is of, i.e. knowing that Harry Potter is a kid at a wizard school tells me very little about what he looks like or how to draw him compared to a movie trailer or something. If you want my art, get to know me. HOWEVER: I will do "I do requests" art for anyone who asks if they can send me a picture of who they want in it and tell me how they want it (like where and how big the text should be, what pose should the characters be in, etc) and if you tell me when you need it done by (remember, the longer the better it will be, especially because i have high school/summer job to keep up with).

Third of all, and this is kind of important: I DO hentai/yaoi/yuri, but not just to BE hentai/yaoi/yuri. When i do, i do it either in respect and honor of an actual relationship between the characters, or because i thought of something funny relating to it and had to get it out of my mind before i could do anything else. Sex for the sake of sex is kind of stupid. I'll admit, sometimes a healthy individual does need it once in a while, but just doing it for the shock factor, the "forbidden fruit"-ness, is pointless, cheep, cheapening, and unintelligent. It is a beautiful thing not to either be wasted or shunned, but to give yourself, and each other, in private where it's just the two of you (or the you-and-your-hand of you, should the case be), or at least to satisfy an urge as natural as hunger or security while you can't be WITH someone you love(either due to complications or lack thereof). WHEN I DO do henai/yaoi/yuri, it is always apropriately rated, advised, and titled with some sort of warning wether it's a joke involving it or something serious. Just because i do it, doesn't mean i do only it either.


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KC-Whitestar on July 13, 2006, 4:04:58 AM

KC-Whitestar on
KC-WhitestarI just got your comment on Yukina Crying over Hiei, and yes you may use her outfit! You could even say that I read your mind ^_~ XD I had no idea that I had accidentilly drawn a scene from your fan fic. ^^U

I'm glad you like it and thank you for faving it. I love getting long comments as long as they aren't flames ^_~ Thank you again. ^_^

Karasu_hiei-girl on June 29, 2006, 5:30:55 AM

Karasu_hiei-girl on
Karasu_hiei-girlThank you for the wonderful comment. And judging by your profile pics I guess you're a hiei fan too. ^_^ That's good. We both have about the same outlook on things except one thing...I Don't Like Cows! They're mean to me! *curls up in corner* Scary. O.o Anyway it was cool of you for what you said to Kikyolover2008, but don't pay attention to him he's just a jealous friend. ^_^ Oh! and I'm the chick all the way on the right in my last pic on my profile. ^_^ Can't wait to see your pics.

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