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My_Death_Hurtz's Profile

My_Death_Hurtz's Profile
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Username My_Death_Hurtz Gender Male
Date Joined Location England
Last Updated Occupation Store Clerk and a goth
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Member Info
Okay, for my biography now.
I am a eighteen year old male, I am a goth who has blonde hair and blue eyes. I normally wear contacts and I have a few freckles on my face. I am not that tall, kind of short and
I spend my time watching animes and playing the X-Box and Game-Cube.
I hate all rocker and punk like people, but their art is fairly good. I do draw and I spend my time drawing in my shift hours when the boss isn't looking.
I love Zelda, and Link is my favourite character in the game. I am not very active in my lifestyle, yet I did surf, but i don't do that any more. I skate and roller blade too when I am out with my mates in London and Crawley. I live in Crawley and I work Saturdays and Fridays in London.
In games and consols, I love 'Skies Of Arcardia', 'The Mercanary', 'Halo', 'Zelda Series', 'Prysim The Unicorn', 'Resident Evil', 'Final Fantasy' and 'Metal Gear Solid'.
On mangas and animes, I like quite a few. I like 'Wolf's Rain', expesially Kiba and Hige and I also like 'Hellsing', 'Love Hina', 'Gundam Wing', 'Vampire Hunter D', 'X' cause Fujima is awsome! And I also am a major fan of 'The Get Backers'.
I collect many anime books, like yaoi, yuri, hentai: I love Hentai!
In music, I am really fussy. I like some opera and some pop, mainly I am a fan of Green Day and Michael Jackson, and some Marilyn Manson. Like my best friend, Angie, I kind of like 'My Chemical Romance' and 'AC/DC', and I have seen them in concert after Angie dragged me to see them.
I am a really big fan of cat-babes and winged girls, and I like soft yaoi pics, not really the full on stuff.
Although I am stuck as a storgy clerk, I am hoping to be a animator in London when I am a little older. I wish to work for Zelda or Capcom in animation.
My best friends online are the stunningly beautiful 'Makarino_X_Shaz', her girlfriend: the wonderful ever-sexy 'Sexy_Bishi_Queen'. 'Crystalvixon' has also been very kind to me since I joined.
I am new so I need some friends :(



I am moving to London within 5-6 weeks, so I will be disabled to acssess the net so please paspone e-mails until four-five weeks please.



I am a Art Bounty Hunter - I catch people who steal art and use it as their own.

It's sick, meaningless and evil of such a thing on Earth.

If you want to help, the rules are simple: no pics, on fics and generally someone who wants to comment a lot. A decent person who looks for justice.
You can still add stuff and comment, but nothing yourself.


The Art Bounty Hunters Are -

Makarino_X_Shaz - A dedicated girl and a hard worker to find art theifs on this site. She's second-in-command and is willing to give up her art for me. Thanx, she loves me, yeay! Good on you my dear-girl, Shadow!



Kiba - Stole an entire gallery.
Everknight - Stole Sexy_Bishi_Queen's picture without permission.
Noob_Artist - Stole an official screenshot.
Princess_Riku - All stolen images of offical work.
zap - Stole artwork from DA.
Kite - Stole images from Sailor Moon manga books.
kiros - Stole images from Seifer-Sama


Comments (31)

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darkwolf333 on August 1, 2008, 9:06:13 AM

darkwolf333 on
darkwolf333I like Wolfs Rain too. Watch it too much.

Makarino_x_Shaz on November 16, 2005, 8:40:16 PM

Makarino_x_Shaz on
Makarino_x_ShazHay ya! im going too stay on hear but ill on ly be able too get on it at school! i did not cheat on that person because im fathful! so i dont know what went on but how cares i dont even talk too her any more! can i emaiol you ! well ill try to email you tonight when i get in from looking at 6 form tasterd day so ill talk you you some more the love ya

Makarino_x_Shaz on October 30, 2005, 6:10:05 PM

Makarino_x_Shaz on
Makarino_x_Shazhay ya love how are you doing? i have not been opn latly because i have been in a bit of trible i have damage my back doing power kiting so i carnt sit up for to long ! i ll try emailing you soon so. im not going out sbq any more and she is not talking to me any moer so . i dont care any more i new that it would not larst any way i hope that things are going well for you thought see ya soon XXX

Makarino_x_Shaz on September 14, 2005, 1:58:04 AM

Makarino_x_Shaz on
Makarino_x_Shazim not aloud to join divainart because i think you have to pay for an account? at lest thats what i read just a secon ago

Makarino_x_Shaz on September 14, 2005, 1:40:32 AM

Makarino_x_Shaz on
Makarino_x_Shaz...Ok illl stay and help but im telling you im no good at any thing aprat from careing to much for a friend ^_^

Makarino_x_Shaz on September 14, 2005, 1:37:15 AM

Makarino_x_Shaz on
Makarino_x_ShazPlease donr be up set i might still hellp you!...

Makarino_x_Shaz on September 14, 2005, 1:22:11 AM

Makarino_x_Shaz on
Makarino_x_ShazThe onnly reson i was thinking of leaving is because im not very good at it im come on you have found out lodes of people and me only 2 even then i think that i had miss judge them

Crystalvixon on September 8, 2005, 4:00:22 AM

Crystalvixon on
CrystalvixonPlaese have a look at an artist called clamara, I am very dubious about the consitancy of quality and style. In other words she seems to progress to fast and her style takes a big jump, aparantly shes only 13 aswell!


Makarino_x_Shaz on September 1, 2005, 12:23:29 AM

Makarino_x_Shaz on
Makarino_x_Shaz...Omg good your back on... ^_^ im happy now! iv tryed my best but i only found one i think...(Im crap at this) so ill have to tack one more look at the person

Makarino_x_Shaz on July 21, 2005, 11:35:16 PM

Makarino_x_Shaz on
Makarino_x_ShazOk ill do the job while you are gone!

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