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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Fast-Forward 25 years. Dictorial King and a masochistic queen. The original group of Freedom Fighers are still around, but now their kids take the more active rolls, trying to save Mobius from the clutches of the Evil king. 'Takin "Future" fan chars
A dark version of the freedom fighter days. contains mild language and mildly risque scenes
This is what Sonic and the others do when they are not saving the world... ^_^
A Sonic X fanfic. Features fan chars at times, and is my second-longest running series!
Sonic and Shadow accidentally caused Chaos Control, which everyone landed up in another game… Everyone needs to work together to survive this hellhole…

A Fan-fic about the guardian in training. Don't worry, there are two guardians, Knuckles isn't done yet.
This is going to be an actual series, so check back for updates!