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This is my story. with most of my own characters. there a lot of romance and a lot of fighting action. please read
Decided I'd change the name to what it is now. This is going to be the final piece in the story of Squad 14. Cliffhangers= HUGE. Action= HUGE. Ending= Nobody will see it coming. Enjoy.
This is the same but, Starfire and Raven had left, in need of more help, they were sent re-cruits, Jamie and Dameon.
Got this idea in school today. It comes after my first two.
Continues where Creation left off...
This story explains the origin of an OC I'm working on. I'll get pics of all the characters up eventually.  
Characters listed:
A fanfic on my bezzie mate's character Shadow. She now has a profile so check it out - MonkeyFish.
There is a strange presence in Jump City. Something strange lying behind all of the ominous snow. The Titans will have their hands full trying to figure out the mystery, but somehow a homeless boy might help them find the answers.
The Teen Titans find a mysterious visitor in the outskirts of Jump City. Will they discover who he is and what power he possesses?(after BIRTHMARK)
Everyone trusts this new guy—everyone but Terra. She thinks he’s connected to Slade and a major threat to them. Who is this mysterious boy and what is he hiding? (WRITTEN BEFORE BETRAYAL!!!!!!)
We all know of Starfire's big sister, Blackfire, but have you ever wondered about Raven? Ebony, Raven's little sister, comes it visit, but then Blackfire escapes from jail. Could Ebony have something to do with it?