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I'm dead. I've died with so much on my mind. I guess I can tell you. You won't hurt me. I've already paid the worst price. But if you want to, I will tell you my life story. Secrets I couldn't tell you. If I were alive. But, who am I? My name is Jesse.
This is a collection of thoughts whether it be stories or just thoughts. It's a project I'm working on. I plan to keep it simple. If any  offensive material occurs I plan to keep it low detail and will write a note with the part. 
Poetery/ Stories I worked on/am currently working on for creative writing. 

I hope you all enjoy!
This is just BLAH!
Jomsk is about three middle school kids. Lucy is the new girl who likes Jeremy. Jeremy is an average kid who meets Lucy and falls for her. Sarah goes kind of insane over her passionate love for Jeremy.
I occasionally come up with little bits of literature that fit into my stories, but I have no idea how to incorporate them or the necessity is already filled.
I am bored. five points for me right paula? coz i look great right?
story bout things changing and stuff like that i
thought bout this sort of stuff not long ago
and i wrote a little idk, like just a littl article or so bout it not to impress just to say somtin, u kno
um..... i dunno I''m kinda bored today so onto the internet my boredom goes i suppose lol
Each post is a different way to be evil. If you have a suggestion, just PM me and I'll post it up and give you credit.

Oh come on, SOMEBODY had to do it.
This Is I Fred's, New Journal I Just Got 2Day!!!*squeee!!!*
And I Thought I Would Post It For Your Enjoyment. Thanks.
p.s-i love you
The mind of the girl in the attic is dank and dark at most hours. Not for the easily saddened.

((A/N- If you have any ideas for the story, characters, plots, or just want to leave in your two cent's worth, please, feel free to comment.))
What goes in the mind of that bouncy, happy little girl we love to call Celestial? How about we find out here. Undoubtly filled with happiness, glee, and wonder, a must-read if you like your cheeriness.
This is a place where I will put all of my ideas for my manga. You can tell me how crazy they are if you'd like.
not really a poem =P
My opinion is that when things are real, they're better finds that fanfics. So when I found my second grade school journal the other day, I thought that it was pretty funny.
If you are:
1. Wondering if I'm dead.
2. Wondering when I'm going to update my gallery.
3. Wondering why I haven't replied to your comment.
Then click here to have a drink from the Fountain of My Busy Life! X3
this all started at age 5. my life, something is always not right.
This is 100 things to do to get told off in class. Original idea from Sharpie.
this is what happens when i can't get to sleep at night. i think too much
I would like all of my friends and fans from here at FAC to read this!! ^_^ Thank you!!
lol this is not funny
This is the diary of Natalie. An insane girl that doesn't know she's crazy...very interesting...yeah...please read and enjoy! The first entry is kinda poetic...
This is just some work that I did to work on my description, again it's a work in progress.
So, to get over some recent drama,I wrote this at about 2 in the morning, and I rather liked it, so.... enjoy?