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Roy is crazy, Havok in mini skirt, alot of random stuff... *nose bleed*
Drabble. RoyEd. A simple poem can have more meaning than books full of words... or it could mean one simple thing.
FullMetal Alchemist characters in a chatroom!!! MADNESS AHEAD(this is my first fic go easy on me)
A script i write when bored in class. What can i say? I needed a hobby.
It's just EdxWinry fluff. (Based on the manga with Ling and Ran-Fan) ohh ... by the way... anybody wanna kinda help me? I'm new and i'm having a majorly sucky @$$ time trying to find a way to upload my pics...
the chatroom of eeeeeeeeeeeeeevillllll
Winry loves Ed so much that she expresses her feelings for him by singing the Barney song. Ed doesn't like her at all though.
This story is about when Aurora has a birthday party.
Yup yup i wrote it...come and see *_*
Slavery. Love. Stubborness. Alchemy. AU. Pretty much sums everything up. I suck at summaries. Please read.
I made a character named Aurora and this is what she is about.
This poem is about me...that's all that has 2 b said...^~^
This is a continuation of Ed Kidnaped. Do not read this until you read my other story first. Serenity has cat ears and a cat tail. She doesn't remember her past except for one memory. Can Ed, Al, Ray*, and Flame help her?
This is just a profile for my FMA character, Serenity, which Metalbeast made for me.
Just a 'short' lil' fic I felt like doing one day ^^' Greed just needs to borrow something from Kimbley...but will Kim let him borrow it? READ N' FIND OUT...hehehe.........*snorts and cracks up* XD
Winry's a bounty hunter, Riza and Izumi are her teachers/bounty hunters and the Elric Brothers just held a convention that was temp. stopped. Will Winry be able to save the brothers from danger or will they all be blown to bits while inside the buil
It's been three years after the finding of the Philosopher's Stone. Ed and Al are back to normal, but what are they to do now? Seems like Ed still has some unfinished business to do...
A girl had moved to Ishbalm and saw what happened to start the war. Now 5 years later, shes in east central with her sister, who has changed much more then people would think. But when they find Ed and Al, will more spark then they think?
Roy has to stay late to finish up with some paper work, and Maes, the big loveball that he is, brings our starved bishou some food ... and a little more. RoyxMaes (also on my account)
I was boed. XD I will try to make 15 things for this. Enjoy! XD
A live Truth or Dare game with characters from Fullmetal Alchemist as contestants.
I had this is my head for about 2 days... it was so annoying I had to write it... It doesnt really have a plot... I think... and its very short.... Edo is telling the story, so you dont get confused.
A hilarious fake chatroom featuring characters from Full Metal Alchemist!
This absolutly had nothing to do with Mothre's Day and everyone is really out of character! Please read at your own risk! light hints of yaoi!
This was orignially for a fan-fic for a site. But it was late... And it's still not done. But Ed and Al go to Hogwarts for a search for the stone. They hang out with the marauders, aka it's in the past. It's not very good and this is my first fan-fic