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Sora; a girl fighting to be Shaman King became friends with Yoh and the gang when Ren fights her, but what past does Trey and her have together? Now she joins Yoh in the fight to be Shaman King. Will she make it or die trying? And what does her name mean?
an epic story where good v.s. evil our heroes now having children they have a new generation of shaman. from the future 2047..we now go back in time to the year 2006 please enjoy!
this is a song i wrote for ren_fan, for he band Tamashii Kasanete!!
u dont have to post it on ur site if u dont like it!
comment if u want! ^_^
soz bout it bein a lil bit depressin
this is a poem i did for the pic of when Takesi turns to the darkside!! Hope u like it!! pleazz comment!
Here is the main fiction at my website at Go and visit. I'll update it there more than here. I just started it 2 days ago ^_^; Plz come and visit. *begs* o.O
This poem was written by inuyasha stalker. NOT me! she just wanted me to place it for her.(no idea why) Anyways heres inuyasha stalkers poem on how her and hao first meet.^^ its funny and romantic!
its a poem that i wrote and i wou ld really like to hear from you. Please comment thank you ^_^
The story to go along with my picture of Tia and Kai. This is the first chapter, I'll write more later!