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This is a birthday one-shot for a from of mine on here and is a contest entry from the same person.
Here is a B-day gift for a friend of mine since her birthday is today so...


I hope you like your gift from me and sorry that is is short that''s because it was hard to think of any thing to wright for this one-shoot story.
Yugi tries to commit suicide but Yami and Lara find him in time, will he survive?
My first sad fic: ONE-SHOT!!

Is hard to accept some things, the important thing is to carry on...

Dedicated to my dear cousin "My nameless dead baby cousin"
well, this is a fanfic of yugi/ryou but who knows.... what's life w/out a few suprises?
XD!!!! Atem's unlucky days!
This is Yugi's point of view poem on Yami.
As this says, this is a poem in Yami's point of view just moments before being released from the puzzle.
Questions that could have great answers if you help! Q's about Atem and what he would do if he had his own body!!!!:)
Atem got his own body but at a price...
Melinda is my own character and her, Yugi, and Yami are very tight. Just please read and comment!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! *puppydog pout*
Yugi and Yami discover their feelings for each other, but have to face their own friends because nobody approves of them.
Please help me think of a title. Please!!
Short poem/story, nothing special.