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kagome  has a secret that she doesn't want anyone to know but when some people from her past threaten to revel it she decides to tell inuyasha and co herself. i know i suck at summaries. this is my first story on here  again my first account kagyasha got  deleted so now here i am. i kinda like kikyo so please be nice.  
Naraku is back

Naraku and his evil plans turn kagome into a DEMON what will happen?
kagome sees ghosts my 2nd story plz comment
I do not own, Inuyasha or any of the characters. Please review, if you don't I'll be beaten with a stick. I'd love to see what kind of fanart everyone can come up with for this story.
She just wanted him to love her. But the first time she followed him she knew it wasnt for her but another
Kagome's last thoughts before she dies.

WARNING: VERY DEPRESSING STORY (ecspecially for Kagome fans)
A sneek peek in Kagome's new diary.
this one is about inuyasha but its rewritten i got it from a other website and i thought fanart central would like it
theres not much to it but inuyasha is dead in this dont kill me inuyasha lovers. PLEAZE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!
-one shot- They can't see or hear her..why? What terrible thing had happened? Why can she see Izayoi, the mother of Inu-Yasha is supposed to be dead! All of this questions were replied in one simple answer
She sits by the window, trying to remember.
a song fic. So far there has been an Inu/Kag one and a Rin/Sess one, but this is just Kagome. It's what happens after they all defeat Naraku.
Song: Slipped Away by Avril Lavinge
Kagome is a famous singer, and the Inu gang finds out! So, she shows her feelings through songs
A short poem.
Why must kagome say sit?well read this thingy and find out!!!!