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Displaying 1-25 of 35 results. strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like blue world city Islamabad
On her fourteenth birthday, Mitsuki Konohara''s world proved to her how cruel it really is. After her mother was hit by a car, her last words to her sent her on an adventure to find her father and prepare for a battle from long ago.
[The title probably won't stay] A story that me and my friend are making up, u'll have to read to figure out what it's about =]
A high school girl lost her amulet necklace when she and her two friends took a short visit at the forest. It was then an admirer found it and went on to give it back to her, but what really happened before that? [Oneshot]
Siq is part Jaguar and he's just been captured and forced to become his former best friends pet. He wont stand for this. Contains punishment spanking.
Hi. I got the inspiration from my sis's story, 'The Fate Of The Two Crystals' THANKS SIS!! -^_^-

TLC Tribute:
"I Just Wanna Run" by The Downtown Fiction
Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever original creation; HADES, a dark fantasy/romance! In this ‘Yo Hades!’ section I’ll take you behind the scenes with notes on character profiles, background story and other stuff. Please enjoy ^^v

Mysta Loring's vacation takes a turn as she falls for the local island boy. Is he really all he seems?

Raike Jocanon's life had been one fearful turn after another, will trying to win the heart of the city girl only bring danger from his past?
Its here, the thing we've all been waiting for, the most dramatic story yet, ages change, people are older, personalities differ,be ready for the most thrilling, action packed anime fantasy yet!The sequel to..A big mistake!(C) Tkxkari224
This is basiclly just a journal, that I've converted to a story. (NOTE) These entries are about magic and such, and also the life of a teenaged school girl.
What if Zero and Kira met at a different point of their lives? read and find out about a bond that outlasted time itself
This is my ORIGINAL story everything is © TKxKari224 except for kaoru, kaoru is © xEmotional and also hikagu is © NAERA
(xEmotional helped me with some of the parts ^^)Claire is © NAERA
its about a girl name luna that is the tru ruler of the cigama (magic spelled bakwards with an extra a
Phoenix Tech once owned by her Father, Tamara learns that after a year that there are some things that her father didn't tell her. The secrets unfold and with her unlikely of friends the mysteries become their lives.
this is a story i am currently writting, its also part of my english coursework so i thought you peeps might wanna read it ^_^ anyway, i will add more chapters etc to this

all characters etc are (c) to me and me only!
Something I wrote for a project, this goes with the picture I drew a while ago, Lost Sunset. Gosh! I've never put up any prose before! Yay for firsts! Anyway, the reason I never post anything: because it sucks.
This piece doesn't completely follow the pl
A story about true love... I decided to write more to it because  I want the story to be happy and sad!  The prologue was just the whole story but I'm going to write a lot more to it to make it long and very good.  I spoiled the ending!! Oh Well!
Chapter One and two to the story im putting in my book. The title is still being worked on, but please let me know what you think, gramatical errors, etc.By the way, this is a philosophically based story. So use your imagination and think about human
This is the story version so far of a cartoon I'm making.
the story of da boogie man
I don't know what will happen jet. But I'm working on it. BTW if you wanna know what the summery is, just read it ;P. P.s. It's Dutch!
A new story about a princess from the Mideval times that loses her memory is coming out soon! I'm releasing trailers before I release the true story! Look forward to it.
This is my bro's story. It's 66 pages long. :)
My first story.