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A One-shot for R.R.

Senshi has been putting thoughts in Jay's head. It's up to Danny to make her think differently.
Twelve year old, Danny is the handsomest, most popular, boy in school. Girls in town follow him where ever he goes. One day at school, Danny begins to see a girl. He didn't care at first, until things began to get weird.
These are my OC's and their pairing, also the people who support them! :D
Okay, this is the same story, but it's the milder version of the other and it's my first and last yaoi story. Note: This one isn't yaoi. The original title: You're No Way; A Genie Prince and v.2: Dezires: 2 Destines.
The main character of the story, Rayken, is out riding his bike while his parents are away, then something strange happens.......
some odd jokes made with sleepovers yay
[ONESHOT][SONGFIC] "We'll be halfway to anywhere, where love is more than just your name ... "
A story about one of mah characters and her friends.
Spider is mad after he sees what he thinks is Hacker kissing another guy. Spider and Hacker's argument makes Kat angry so she lectures Spider. Spider goes to apologize but it turns into something that could hurt Hacker worse than an arguement.
This is a SonAmy story
A girl lost one of her close friend and doesn't know how to deal. Does any one else think that Cassi and Gerard are a perfect couple or is it just me? (Gerard is a character from the story and not our favorite singer)
Some Of my OC's are going to meet a friend and are faced with a problem on the way.
Just so you can learn about our favorite dead people!
a short poem about a stalker i had at school >< 11.20.05
a short poem of "self searching" it's kinda nice to read. Emily Dickens inspired. 10.16.05
a poem I wrote to a friend last year after a really bad time. also used for an english project.
It's THE wedding folks! Jadey and Kaze!
War was the only thing now a days. Blood. Chaos. The Army was recruiting soldiers from everywhere. Civilians, veterans. The young, the old. And he was one of them. She knew the day would come and so did he. But they never wanted to say "Goodbye" beca