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bois of characters for my story
A story of a lonely lion who finds her true love in a rival clan, she hasnt a clue what to do about it so she does something drastic to keep her relationship going.
My cat is a cheshire cat. The whole world is his toy, he loves to be where he isn't allowed, and he's only found when he wants to be.
Melua, the tiger, is finding it rather hard to cope with the memories he keeps encountering.
a collection of funny quotes about cats. some of my own are in there too
   Do you suppose you know cats inside and out? You think you understand their complex little minds? Come test your knowledge and find out if you qualify to be the purrfectly purrfect house cat and take the Eticat Purrfection Test.
   Bruffleshnif, I dedicate question number 11 especially to you! :3
Enjoy and Good Luck!
This is just something I felt like making becouse I feel depressed at the moment.

Lunar is a lonely cat, woundering the streets thinking of her lost friend, Icy.
One rainy night, she jumps into the river to drown away all of her sorrow...but an unlik
The story of a leopard who will have to join together with his brother and sister to save the leopard race. (will occur in chpt.3)
 please read this story its my first
its a really cute poem i made it up in school and i read it to the class and they all loved it so i hope you love it too!!!!                                      
The thoughts of a feline.
a poem about a white tiger
Alright, this was done for LiquidOnyx, about jaguarundis which are small cats that can be red or black. The live in the tropical rainforests and are happily not hunted much (Which is still too much).
This is not what you think it is. It is not, as you supposed, and introduct to a main character in a story told in first person. No. It is a short thing about the very essence of a cat. (That's me getting poetic again) Really, It's not a story m